Chip Gaines Teases What Happens When He and Joanna Break 'Very Strict Rules in Our Relationship'

"Things can get very dicey, very quickly," Chip reveals in an exclusive clip of Friday's new episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

Chip and Joanna Gaines make a great team — as long as they stick to their designated roles, says Chip.

In an exclusive clip of the new episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home (above), streaming on Discovery+ Friday, Chip has to ask his wife to give him a hand screwing in a pair of heavy antique doors — a construction task he usually wouldn't request of the interior designer.

When things go a little off the rails with an electric screwdriver, he reveals why the pair have always avoided getting involved in the other's areas of expertise.

"We've got very strict rules in our relationship, I do certain things and she does certain things," Chip, who handles all things construction on their projects, says in an on-camera interview with an unamused Joanna at his side. "And when we work together, things can get very dicey, very quickly."

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Luckily, the couple laughs through the installation process, Chip shouting instructions and Joanna calmly explaining, "I did not come to work for this."

To which he replies, "I know, but this is ridiculous, babe. Put the screw in the hole."

Once the doors are successfully installed, he congratulates his wife with a high-five and a "Well done, babe," but not without jokingly adding, "That could have gone a lot quicker and infinitely more efficient, but I will take it."

Looking back on the moment of uncharacteristic collaboration he admits, "I actually needed an extra hand, so Jo came in handy and I was very thankful that she was here," and offers a bashful "Thank you."

Magnolia Network

Friday's episode is the last of four preview episodes of the HGTV alums' new show Fixer Upper: Welcome Home dropping on the Discovery+ app. The remainder of the new season will be available to stream on the forthcoming Magnolia app, launching July 15.

Discovery Inc., Magnolia Network's parent company, announced Thursday that the launch of the TV channel had been pushed back again to January 2022 due to Covid-19–related production delays. It was originally intended to launch in October 2020, then pushed to "early 2021."

WATCH THIS: Magnolia Network Trailer with Chip and Joanna Gaines

The Magnolia app, however, will make many of the shows planned to launch on the TV channel available sooner. In addition to Welcome Home, the full first season of Magnolia Kitchen with Joanna Gaines, the complete Fixer Upper archive, and several new series, like Growing Floret, The Lost Kitchen, Homegrown, Family Dinner and Restoration Road with Clint Harp, will all be available to stream.

"Our original plan was to launch in cable and follow in a streaming environment, but the most unconventional of years dealt us challenges and opportunities we never could have foreseen," said Magnolia Network President Allison Page.

Chip and Joanna also shared a statement on the decision, noting, "Our plan has evolved along the way, but our original vision for this network has remained the same."

The first four episodes of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home are available now on Discovery+.

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