Credit: Source: Chip Gaines/Instagram

Chip Gaines is our new favorite body-positive role model.

“At any given moment, there’s a little voice in my head . . . that’s constantly telling me, “Way to go, Chip, that was so funny!’ and ‘Hey, Chip, you look good in that size medium T-shirt!’ A few times [it] has even told me my dad bod is ‘rockin.'” the Fixer Upper star writes of his strong sense of self confidence in the new summer issue of The Magnolia Journal.

But, he says, “folks just don’t seem to appreciate when I take my shirt off without having a good reason to do so.”

The TV contractor won’t be body-shamed, though. He goes on to credit his self-assured outlook as a reason for his success, and expresses his wish to share it with others who struggle to feel the same.

“If I could bottle it up and sell it, I would! I’m convinced it would make me millions,” he says.

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Gaines admits his guiding voice can get him into some “hot water,” but maintains he’s grateful for the little push it gives him to overcome the external factors that tell him he can’t succeed.

“We are much more likely to take the risk if we believe in ourselves without needing others’ permission or approval,” he says. “We do the impossible when we tell ourselves we can.”

And there’s one thing we can definitely thank his go-getter philosophy for: “Without this positive self-talk, I don’t think I ever would have had the guts to ask Joanna out on our first date,” he says.

To read Gaines’ full letter, pick up the summer issue of The Magnolia Journal, on newsstands now.