Chip Gaines Tries to Make His Kids Laugh by Cracking Dad Jokes in Hilarious Father's Day Video

Chip Gaines asks his children to weigh in on which dad jokes they think are funny — and they don't hold anything back

Chip Gaines is a big fan of dad jokes — but are his kids?

In an exclusive Father’s Day video shared with PEOPLE, the Fixer Upper alum 45, sits down with his kids — sons Duke, 12, Drake, 15, and Crew, who turns 2 on Sunday, plus daughters Emmie Kay, 10, and Ella Rose, 13 — in order to get their honest opinion on a series of fan-submitted jokes.

“Dad jokes get a bad wrap,” Chip says at the beginning of the video. “I appreciate dad jokes as much as the next dad, and I’ve brought my crew of expert dad joke evaluators to determine what’s funny and what’s not.”

However, while Chip seems entertained by all of the comedic material, his children are a little harder to impress.

“If a cow doesn’t produce milk, is it a milk dud or an udder failure?” he says, cracking a smile. Although wife Joanna calls out from offscreen, “I like that one,” none of their children appear to agree.

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Chip Gaines
Chip Gaines and his four oldest children in 2020. Discovery, Inc. and Magnolia
Chip Gaines and son Crew. Joanna Stevens Gaines/Instagram

Fortunately, the kids aren't always such tough nuts to crack!

“Have you heard the forecast? Chilly today, hot tamale,” he quips, as all four of the youngsters laughed, while another joke also elicited a smile from the couple’s youngest son Crew, who was sitting on his mother’s lap.

But when it came time to deliver a joke Chip was already familiar was, his kids already saw the punchline from a mile away. “This is my go-to joke,” he tells his children. “If you’re Russian when you’re going into the bathroom, and you’re Finnish when you’re coming out, what were you when you were in the bathroom?”

Without skipping a beat, one of his kids calls out: “European.”

“Y’all be nice, these aren’t easy to come up with,” Chip adds.

Chip and Joanna Gaines. Getty Images

Over the past few months, the family has been social distancing on their farm in Waco, Texas.

Opening up about how they’ve kept their kids entertained, Joanna, 42, recently shared that like a lot of parents, they’ve had to get creative.

"Every day, I'll set cards out, puzzles, just to give them options," the Magnolia mogul said during a recent interview on the Today show. "I think originally the kids thought — especially the boys — 'Oh, this is gonna be wonderful, we get hours and hours of game time.' And I'm kind of a strict mom when it comes to that, so giving them ideas outside of screen time and stuff like that, I've had to put it in front of their face."

Although their kids are still growing up, they’re already following in their parent’s footsteps.

“What I've noticed is they like being on the other side of the camera — except for Crew. He doesn't know about that world yet," Joanna told PEOPLE in April, noting that while “Drake loves the production side” Ella “is still very much into design.”

"Emmie, she reminds me a lot of me [when it comes to] the garden and cooking. I think that's where we both connect the most together," she continued. "And Duke, I can see him being a businessman."

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