Chip and Joanna Gaines Reveal New Show on Forthcoming TV Network: It's About 'Chasing Big Dreams'

The former Fixer Upper stars' Magnolia Network premiers on October 4, 2020

Chip and Joanna Gaines are unveiling the latest original show to join the lineup for their forthcoming TV network — and it’s one that’s close to “plant lady” Joanna’s heart.

“When we set out on the journey of starting this network, we did so knowing we wanted to tell stories of people who are chasing big dreams for the right reasons,” Joanna said in a release. And a new series, announced Thursday exclusively with PEOPLE, will do just that.

Growing Floret, which will debut when the Magnolia Network launches in October, will follow Floret Flower Farm founder Erin Benzakein as she and her team attempt to transform a problematic 20-acre parcel of land in Washington into a beautiful and sustainable organic flower farm in just one year.

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Chip and Joanna new show

“One of the biggest motivators for building this network was a desire to tell the stories of brave people who are chasing big dreams,” said Joanna Gaines. “Ever since discovering the incredible team behind Growing Floret, I have been endlessly inspired by the grit, hard work, and beauty that they’re putting into the world. We are so excited to tell more of their story as they take the courageous steps to expand their flower farm and grow their business.”

Benzakein and her family left Seattle more than a decade ago for the Skagit Valley, so that she could pursue her dream of having an organic flower business. She’s since helped launch a movement in the region, where “farmer-florists” grow, arrange and sell sustainable blooms.

Chip and Joanna new show
Courtesy Magnolia Network

“For nearly 15 years, we have been hard at work raising our family, growing beautiful flowers, and building a farm,” said Benzakein of her path to being a successful business owner, and soon, a TV personality. “Along this journey, we have openly shared the highs and lows and all that we have learned in the hopes that it will inspire others to follow their dreams and live a more meaningful life.

She added, “It is such a tremendous honor to join Chip and Joanna’s new network and have the story of our family and our farm told in such a heartfelt, authentic way.”

Those who can’t wait until October to learn more about Benzakein’s remarkable journey, can pick up her New York Times bestselling book, A Year in Flowers.

Chip and Joanna new show
Courtesy Magnolia Network

The Gaineses have previously announced two other new shows that will launch on the network.

In October, they shared the first original show would star their family friends (and favorite band) Johnnyswim.

The six-episode series, titled Home on the Road, will follow husband and wife Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez as they tour North America with their band, plus son Joaquin, 4, and daughter Luna, 1, in tow.

In November, the HGTV alums confirmed that Joanna would host a cooking show.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon told the couple, “I don’t wanna tell you how to do your network, but I would do a cooking show if I were you,” he said, citing Joanna’s success with her first cookbook, Magnolia Table.

“I like that idea, Jimmy. Now, you gotta talk to this guy,” she said, signaling toward her husband.

Chip right away said he is “cool with it.”

“You’re talking to the executives of the Magnolia network, and when Jimmy Fallon says Jo should do a cooking show, I vote that Jo does a cooking show,” he said.

Joanna then confirmed that they are, in fact, developing a cooking series with her as host, and that they plan to have special guests join her in the kitchen for the show.

“We’re doing one!” said Joanna. “Yes, we’re gonna do it!”

In addition to new shows, more of which will be announced in the coming months, the Magnolia network will also host the complete Fixer Upper archive.

The Gaineses first announced they’d be returning to TV with the launch of their own network in November 2018, seven months after Fixer Upper aired its bittersweet series finale. The channel will take over DIY Network, which is also owned by HGTV’s parent company, Discovery Inc.

The Magnolia Network will launch October 4, 2020.

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