Every Sweet Family Moment Chip and Joanna Gaines Have Shared of Their Life at Home in Waco

From building forts to cuddling on the couch, the Gaines family's home life couldn't be cuter

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Chip and Joanna Gaines' Home on the Range

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Chip and Joanna Gaines are living the Texas dream! With a hit HGTV show, multiple books, a plethora of home decorating lines and five kids, it's safe to say the couple has their hands full. Luckily, their little slice of Waco heaven sits on 40 acres of land, offering plenty of space to cook, craft and play with their growing family.

The Fixer Upper stars' idyllic farmhouse has it all — animals included! "Today started off with me holding one of our new baby goats and counting chickens," Joanna said of her typical day. "I knew it was going to be a good one."

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Flower Fun

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Joanna posted a photo of their daughters celebrating their final Easter as a party of six. “Love conquered death,” she captioned the shot of Ella and Emmie Kay frolicking with a flower garland.

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Road Block

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Duke added a playful design element to his family’s white-painted staircase. “He’s making it hard to get up and down the stairs…but I’m OK with it,” his mom wrote of his card towers.

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Partners in Crime

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Chip Gaines/Instagram

Chip teamed up with a super-special jogging partner while training for his first marathon: his oldest daughter! “Another late night with Ella,” he wrote. “This girl can run!”

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Evening Reads

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Chip Gaines/Instagram

When he’s not helping his mom on a job site or lending a hand planting magnolia trees, Duke likes to curl up with a good read. “Duke man found a book he can’t put down…love it when my kids find books they want to read voluntarily!” Chip said on this photo of his youngest son reading In the Belly of the Earth.

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Plants Aplenty


The couple recently built a significant addition to their pretty property. On a special episode of Fixer Upper, the Gaines clan came together to design a garden, chicken coop, chicken run and a stunning shed for their family to grow all sorts of green goodies — many of which they plan to use at their Magnolia Table restaurant. “We were passionate about using locally grown produce,” Joanna wrote on Instagram. “We love that many of the veggies will be coming straight from our home garden at the farm!”

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Magic Moments

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Drake, Ella, Duke, and Emmie Kay are always keeping things interesting in the home, built in 1895. "A crooked sign, a brave little girl, adult onesies, Don Williams radio, and an old teddy bear," Joanna captioned one group shot. "These are the good ol' days."

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Happy Hide Out

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

No grown-ups allowed! The Gaineses clever kids built an impressive blanket fort that Joanna didn't quite crack the code to. "Trying to figure out the secret password to get in here," she joked.

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Late-Night Laughs

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Bedtime is just a state of mind for brothers Drake and Duke. "Ok fine... ten more minutes," Joanna wrote of her sweet sons.

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Dress to Impress

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Emmie channels both mom and dad with this goofy crafted robot costume. "I like Saturdays," Joanna said of the DIY fashion show.

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Kicking Her Feet Up

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

It's all about compromise (and a little bartering) at the Gaines house! "I told him I would pay him by the minute for a foot massage — he said he would give me a discount," Joanna said.

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Sleepy Sundays

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Although there's rarely a dull moment, the parents still make time to cuddle up with their kiddos — and catch up on some sports. "Fun fact about@chippergaines is he doesn't own a TV... But that won't stop him from watching college football on a lazy Saturday with his phone and a rigged phone stand," Joanna said.

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Family Fun

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

A couch full of animal pals can only mean one thing: "The cousins are back in town!!!" Joanna's younger sister, Mary Kay, will surely have more stuffed friends to add to the bunch after having her sixth child in January.

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Tooth Spoof

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

It never feels like pulling teeth when it comes to hanging with Chip! "Emmie loves when he makes her wiggly tooth even wigglier," Joanna wrote alongide this photo of her baby girl. "I love how tough she is and that she trusts her dad even though losing a tooth can be a bit scary."

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Rainy Days

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Laying out a collection of vessels before a storm is business as usual for the southern crew. "Rain catcher," Joanna said on this after-dark moment.

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Fun and Outdoor Games

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

It doesn't get much more Texas than a day in the hay! "Chip created a farm style jungle gym for the kids," said Joanna of this playful photo.

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Butterfly Beauty

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Although outfitted in her signature style, the Gaines household is much more than shiplap.

"There's an Adonis blue butterfly bush I had planted by the girl's window almost five years ago when we were renovating the farmhouse. I wanted butterflies by the girl's windows that they could see and enjoy. I never told them about the bush and honestly I forgot about it over the years," Joanna recalled in a sentimental post. "This morning I found my little Emmie sitting by her window looking excitedly at the bush and saying 'Here she is! My little hummingbird comes every morning mom!' "

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Coloring Time

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

It's all about arts and crafts at their home, which sports a vintage feel in tune with Joanna's Fixer Upper design style. Although rumors circulated that they were parting ways with the estate, the HGTV stars confirmed they are staying put.

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Balloon Room

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Birthdays are always a colorful celebration. "All he requested was balloons and mama's cinnamon rolls... someone's got a birthday tomorrow!!" Joanna wrote on the low-key affair she put together for oldest son Duke's big day.

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Breakfast in Bed

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

And the group rewards mom for her hard work, too. "What a pretty surprise! Breakfast in bed from @chippergaines and the girls," she said of this tasty treat.

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DIY Divas

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Ella and Emmie Kay are following in their mom's footsteps, as this shot of the mini craft queens shows. "The girls have been taking sewing lessons for a year now and for the last few weeks they have been talking about a surprise they are making. They finally finished this week and I just love this quilt and so do their 'students' they are reading to!" Joanna said.

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Farm Friends

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

When they aren't sewing, baking or climbing counters, the kids can be found hanging out amongst their handful of dogs, cats, cows, horses, chickens and goats.

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Dreams and Doodles

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Joanna shared another sweet moment with her youngest daughter in January of 2016. "I asked Emmie Kay what she would tell everyone as inspiration for the New Year," she said. "'Just be nice. To everyone. And unicorns if they are alive.'"

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Game Time Goofs

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Although they're basically the definition of parents goals, even Joanna makes a misstep every so often. "When that thing you bought online is five times smaller than expected," she joked of this mini foosball table. "I really thought I just got a killer deal on Black Friday. No wonder it was $19.99."

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Great Greenhouse

Joanna gaines instagram

As a self-described #plantlady Joanna can often be found tending to her greens. "It's spa day for these beauties," she said.

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Like Mother, Like Daughters

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Her daughter is following in her footsteps — which might lead them to renovating their windowsills! "I told her she would get a new plant every month if she keeps up with all her little cuties. We are running out of space," Joanna said.

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Toy Hacks

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Joanna knows the secret to thrifty toys. "These cups have been the favorite toy of choice. From the one year old who knocks them down every time someone builds them up to the eleven year old who tries to stack the cups as high as the ceiling," she said. "If you're looking for cheap family fun, Go buy a pack of plastic cups!?"

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Laundry Overload

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Chip and Jo are only human! "Unpacking & loads of laundry both have a way of bringing things back to reality after a fun family vacation," Joanna said when sharing this relatable look into her super-cute laundry space.

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Super Crew

Joanna Gaines/Instagram

But, as it turns out, they're heroes, too. "The best birthday surprise was waking up to the most amazing bkfst and a room full of all my favorite superheroes," Joanna wrote on this spirited family shot.

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