The American Horror Story actor gives PEOPLE a glimpse inside his retro (and baby-proofed!) L.A. home

By Jeff Nelson
April 11, 2017 04:00 PM

When it came to redecorating their home, Cheyenne Jackson and husband Jason Landau considered their kids’ needs.

The couple — who welcomed their twins, daughter Willow and son Ethan, in October via surrogate — bought their three-bedroom, two-bath midcentury modern ranch house in the Hollywood Hills two years ago. And their favorite room is the nursery!

“I spend so much time in there,” Jackson, 41, tells PEOPLE of the room, which features RH Baby & Child cribs, a vintage painting from Landau’s late father’s collection, a cherry blossom tree statement wall and one other special touch: “We put their initials together — ‘w’ and ‘e’ — and I just thought that was the sweetest thing; it’s no longer just an ‘us,’ it’s a ‘we.'”

Paul Costello

The American Horror Story star and Landau, 40, say that their 6-month-olds have influenced the rest of their recently renovated 1,800-square-foot space, too. In addition to the pattern-mixing — jungle-inspired wallpaper next to retro curtains — the pair’s TV room features a massive white couch, opting for a clean palette even while anticipating the wear and tear of a young family.

“Kids are going to spill, throw up and generally make messes,” says Jackson. “We decided early on not to sweat the small stuff.”

Indeed, while Jackson says their furniture and décor is “just stuff,” he and Landau, who married in 2014, have taken their kids into account when it comes to their decor choices. Case in point: swapping out a glass coffee table with pointy edges for two plush ottomans in the living room.

“Jason always teases me — if I had my way, I would make everything out of pillows and rubber for the kids,” Jackson says. “I was always imagining gashing my kids’ faces!”