Relax, recharge and learn how to vacation like an Instagram influencer with tips and tricks from CheapCarribean's limited-time vacation package

It’s that time of year when everyone is posting amazing vacation photos and the FOMO is setting in. And if you’ve been looking for a weekend getaway to recharge, we may have the answer.

The online travel agency Cheap Caribbean, which specializes in tropical beach vacations, recently launched an exclusive, limited-time “Vacation Envy” package that’s basically the pick-me-up you (and your Instagram feed!) need.

The package features a three-night stay (May 17-20) at one of Bermuda’s top hotels, the photogenic Hamilton Princess, and starts at $999 for room, air, spa and transportation.


The best part? Guests will get on-the-ground tips from social media influencers Nastasia Yakoub (of @DameTraveler and @NastasiasPassport) and Jess Meryck (of @thewonderingdreamer) to help them plan content. The influencers will host tutorial sessions and actual photo shoots to help you choose the photos for your feed, and you’ll even leave with a custom book of tips.

Interested in booking? Call 844-421-0825 now, before the offer ends on April 26. And check out some of the tips for curating your perfect vacation Instagrams below.

Tip #1: Timing Is Key

Make sure to wake up early for those golden hour shots. Most locations, especially the touristy ones, will be quiet and empty at this time. The Golden Hour App shows you the path of the sun in the sky for the location and date selected.

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Tip # 2: Styling Yourself

Use Pinterest for inspiration. Select your wardrobe by the color palette of the destination you’re going to, or what mood you’re feeling there.


Tip #3: Flatlays

Search for Instagrammable restaurants. Try to get a window table (natural light is best) and declutter your space. When taking a photo, make sure your phone is as high as it can go and as flat as it can be. Play around with the food and keep it in line and organized. Bring props for the table, i.e. sunglasses or a hat.


Tip #4: Use Your Angles

Be creative with your shots! Try angles through a palm tree or a bush of flowers. Go for shots that have never been done before. You might get a view better than the ones everyone’s seen before. Have patience; sometimes it take a long time to get that perfect shot!