See Inside Chase Rice's Nashville Farmhouse, Transformed by Designer Jenny Reimold

The interior designer tells PEOPLE about remodeling the country singer’s kitchen and basement gym to “tell a story” — see the stunning before-and-after shots

Jenny Reimold & Chase Rice Home Makeover
Jenny Reimold & Chase Rice. Photo: Heather Durham Photography

Chase Rice now has the perfect place to kick back for a "Beer With the Boys" — his newly remodeled kitchen!

The country star's Nashville farmhouse got a facelift courtesy of interior designer Jenny Reimold (pictured with him above), who transformed his kitchen and basement gym into rustic-chic spaces that reflect his love of storytelling and the outdoors.

"We had a lot of fun. He has a great eye for design," Reimold says of Rice. "He was great to work with because he was actively involved in the process. And I think when people are actively involved with the designer, it makes it go so much more smoothly because you know how they feel along the way," she adds.

The pair met through a mutual friend, originally with the intention to tackle a much smaller project.

"He was looking to redo his countertops to butcher block, but when we got in there, I just thought of all the other things that we could do," says Reimold, whose roster of celebrity clients has steadily increased since her family's recent move to Nashville, where her home quickly attracted attention after it was featured on an episode of Property Brothers.

Jenny Reimold
Before: Kitchen. Jenny Reimold
Jenny Reimold
Before: Kitchen. Jenny Reimold

"It was this 1990s farmhouse," she explains, "and it had a lot of those '90s furnishings, dark cabinets, droopy lights, a lot of the kinds of typical things." The renovation, which began last March, stalled for several months due to the pandemic and started up again recently once it was safe to begin construction.

"We started with the statement of the countertops and once we knew those were going in, everything kind of tied into what would look good with those," Reimold tells PEOPLE of the design process.

She sourced the butcher block from Olde Wood Limited, opting for reclaimed wood from antique train cars which ran between Chicago and New York City in the 1930s and '40s. "They tell a story. It's American history," she says, adding, "That's what I loved about it, knowing how Chase loves story writing and storytelling. I thought, 'That is the perfect fit for a guy who does this for a living.'" For Reimold, who has a bachelor's degree in journalism, the story behind a space is a driving factor in how she designs a room.

Jenny Reimold & Chase Rice Home Makeover
After: Kitchen. Heather Durham Photography

The next step was replacing some of the cabinets with open shelving and painting the rest, as well as changing the color of the kitchen island and swapping out the hanging light fixtures.

"Lightening the space and really drawing attention to those countertops was a huge part of the makeover," says Reimold, who suggests that when remodeling, it's crucial to "pick the first thing that you want to focus on and highlight in your [space] and then go from there."

The Home Goods Style Expert refinished the cabinets in Sherwin-Williams' Whitetail and the island in Caviar, as an homage to the singer's passion for "hunting and fishing," she explains. "We thought that was a great nod to his love of the outdoors."

"Repainting cabinets is a super-easy way to lighten any kitchen," says Reimold. "So many of the kitchens from the '90s and the '80s have those dark browns. The trend now is grays and navys. And the nice thing is you can always repaint if you don't like them. So it's not a permanent change."

Replacing light fixtures is another quick fix, she says, adding that she swapped out the home's original ones for iron lanterns from Riverside Franklin.

Jenny Reimold
Before: Gym. Jenny Reimold

When it came to making over the basement gym, Reimold sourced 100-year-old reclaimed barn wood from Olde Wood Limited. "Since this was a farm, it felt fitting to add vintage barn planks to that space," she says. "We also added personal touches down there with some of his music memorabilia."

Jenny Reimold & Chase Rice Home Makeover
After: Chase Rice in his gym. Heather Durham Photography

"The great part about gyms is you can flip those in two weeks. So all you really need are floors, an accent wall and some mirrors," says Reimold. For functional flooring, the stylist used mildew-resistant, modular peel-and-stick tiles from Haven Floors.

"We just wanted it to be a functional space that would really cover all of the things that he wanted to do from day to day," she says, noting that they added an infrared Sunlighten Sauna which has "restorative properties" in addition to weights, yoga mats and other exercise equipment.

Jenny Reimold & Chase Rice Home Makeover
After: Gym. Heather Durham Photography

"Shortly after it was done, Chase sent me a text and he said, 'I just want you to know I love my kitchen.' And so for me, that was just really kind of the cherry on top of a few months of work," says Reimold. "[The space] is super reflective of his personality. That, as a designer, is what I hope to hear from people, that they just love their space and it looks like them."

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