Charlie Sheen Takes Shots and Sleeps Around in New Video Series — But It's Not What You Think

Photo: Hostelworld

Charlie Sheen is up to his old tricks again . . . with a twist.

The former Two and a Half Men star, 51, recently filmed a series of videos for affordable lodgings site Hostelworld, with the mission of each party helping clear the other of their bad reputation.

Each video starts with a damning headline broadcasting that Sheen is up to no good again, but quickly reveals the actor is actually doing a wholesome activity from the comforts of a clean and cozy–looking hostel.

Here, the actor is accused of bashing a Bishop — but not the revered kind. Instead he’s putting his competitive streak to good use in a lively game of chess with another hostel-goer.

The next “breaking” update is that Sheen “cooks up in a hostel.” Turns out, he makes a mean pork chop that proves he (and his inexpensive lodging option) is “more civilized than you might think.”

A third calls Sheen out for sleeping with 7 people. Of course, it’s within a shared bunk room that travelers often opt for when looking for a cheap place to stay on their travels.

While Sheen has been known to have a bit of a temper, he’s recently extended olive branches to celebs like Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher for disagreements they’ve had in the past, and this partnership is another example of how he’s attempting to make good on — or at least poke fun at — his past pitfalls. And if you catch him hanging at your hostel, the new Charlie might even buy a round of shots (wheatgrass, of course).

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