Celeb Interior Designer Eric Hughes Shows Off His Manhattan High-Rise: 'This Is My Idea of a Quintessential New York Apartment'

"It created this backdrop and let the view be the star," says Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker's designer

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Eric Hughes' High-Rise Home

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William Waldron

Eric Hughes didn’t set out to be one of the biggest names in interior design, but then “fate intervened,” he tells PEOPLE. “I loved being in the film business,” Hughes says of his time as a studio executive where he made movies like Bring It On. “But I knew it wasn’t going to be a lifetime.” After leaving his Hollywood life behind and relocating to New York City, he teamed up with pal Sarah Jessica Parker to design her Bridgehampton farmhouse and the rest is well decorated history.

In high own high-rise apartment, Hughes opted for a sophisticated gray flannel fabric for his furnishings in order to let the city views shine. “Up here in the sky, it created this backdrop and let the view be the star,” he says.

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Keep It Simple

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The self-taught designer's philosophy starts with editing, and is thoughtfully showcased in his minimalist space. “It’s better to pull pieces out of a room and then add a few and see where you are," he says. "You don’t need the whole enchilada.”

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Old-School Details

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"This is my idea of a quintessential New York apartment," says Hughes, who adds he has an old-fashioned telephone next to the front door where his doorman can ring him to let him know he had a guest or that his Chinese food has been delivered.

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A-List Accents

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William Waldron

The classic photograph of Elizabeth Taylor by Bert Stern is a favorite piece for Hughes, who has designed homes for Lauren Graham and Andy Cohen, amongst other famous faces.

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Smoke Show

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"I love this photograph," Hughes says of the black-and-white display. "I found it at an art fair and it was so incredibly beautiful that I had it blown up. I just thinks it's a really powerful image."

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