Marie Kondo, Nate Berkus and More Experts Reveal Their Secret Hacks for a Hyper-Organized Home

Storage hacks and sanity-saving tricks to make tidying up easier

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Corral the Yard Tools

100 day home

Experts: Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt, stars of HGTV's 100 Day Dream Home

The next time you receive a large shipment to your house do not throw away that wooden pallet. They make for great storage for all of your lawn tools. Simply secure the pallet against your garage wall and place your landscaping tools inside for easy access and great organization. To elevate the look, you can stain the pallet your favorite wood tone color.

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Leave Room in the Fridge

marie kondo
Konmari Media; Getty

Expert: Marie Kondo, star of Netflix's Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

To keep the refrigerator tidy, keep 20 percent of the shelf space empty for unexpected additions like leftovers or takeout containers.

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Give Everything a Home

nate berkus

Expert: Nate Berkus, designer and star of The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project, on HGTV this fall

Make sure everything has its place—and that you know where that place is! In my closet I label the top of each drawer and the edge of each shelf with what belongs there.

Note: Berkus uses a label maker, but you can also write on washi tape!

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Maximize Open Shelving

shea mcgee
Lucy Call(2)

Expert: Shea McGee, designer and star of Netflix's Dream Home Makeover

I use clear storage for dry goods that look pretty in canisters, and bins and baskets for hiding away my kids' snacks or other items I don't want on display.

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Show Off Special Items

taniya nayak
Michael Giragosian; Courtesy Taniya Nayak

Expert: Taniya Nayak, designer and star of Battle on the Beach, on HGTV this July

I make my hat collection into a decorative display by hanging them on the wall. Choose cute wall hooks that coordinate with the decor in your mudroom or dressing area.

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Elevate Workbench Storage

jonathan and drew scott
Astrid Stawairz/Getty; Istockphoto/getty

Experts: Jonathan & Drew Scott, hosts of HGTV's Celebrity IOU

Install magnets on the bottom of upper cabinets in your garage. You can attach any metal-lidded jars you use to store nails, screws and other small items, clearing off your workstation.

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Contain Your Wires

ria stafford
Allie Reiser; Getty(2)

Expert: Ría Safford, creator of Ríorganize

Reuse the plastic fastener from a bread bag to hold together your cables. You can even label the tabs with a Sharpie so you'll remember what device they go with.

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Create a Smarter Storage System

ryan toft
Jenny Mann Photography; Getty; Shutterstock(2)

Expert: Ryen Toft, owner of Simply Luxe

When stowing seasonal clothing, label the front of a plastic bin "winter" and the back "summer." When you swap the items twice a year, just spin the bin around so the correct label is facing out.

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Keep Sheet Sets Together

jen robin

Expert: Jen Robin, founder of Life in Jeneral

Store the flat and fitted sheets inside one of the matching pillowcases so the pieces don't get lost in the linen closet. (This printed cotton percale set is from Target's Opalhouse collection and starts at $29.)

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Round Up Wrapping Paper

eryn donaldson
Perla Maarek; Getty(2)

Expert: Eryn Donaldson, founder of The Model Home

You don't need to buy a specialty storage product. A standard wastebasket is the perfect size to hold 8 to 10 rolls.

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Keep Tall Boots in Shape

trish hodson
Callie Mcphail; Getty; Shutterstock

Expert: Trish Hodson, founder of Bee Organized SF Bay

Skip the fancy boot hooks! Simply cut cheap foam pool noodles to size and place them in your boots to help them stand up in the closet and prevent creasing.

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Stack Your Shoes

janelle cohen
Courtesy Janelle Cohen(2)

Expert: Janelle Cohen, owner of Straighten Up by Janelle

Clear, plastic drop-front boxes are modular and stackable, making them perfect for vertical shoe storage. For a free version, hold on to your original shoeboxes, take a photo (a Polaroid works great!) of the pair inside and stick it on the front so you can find your favorites instantly.

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Save Shoe Shelf Space

organized home rollout
Aneha Anekeahapobh; Getty

Expert: Taiece N. Lanier, owner of Closet Editors

Organize your shoes by placing one shoe forward and one shoe backward (we call it the heel-to-toe method). You'll be able to fit more shoes on your shelves and will maximize your space.

Note: It also makes it easy to ID the shoes and check the heel height without taking them out!

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Hang Tie-able Items

organized home rollout
Getty; Courtesy LA Closet Design

Expert: Lisa Adams, founder of LA Closet Design

One of our favorite solutions for scarves in a closet is to display them hanging on wall-mounted rods. Similarly, you can tie your scarves, ties and pashminas to a towel bar. It's such a simple repurposing of a standard household item that will add so much functionality to an unused wall in your closet.

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Start a Donation Station

natalie ron
Ibrahim Ali Martins; Getty

Expert: Natalie Ron, founder of Swoon Spaces (formerly Liberate Your Space)

When you bring items into the house, remove stuff at the same pace. Find a space out of the way —behind a door, in the laundry room, etc. — to keep a donation bin at all times.

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Perfect Your Pantry

celeb organized closets
Christina Anstead/Instagram

Expert: Christina Haack, designer and star of HGTV's Christina on the Coast

Labeled bins in the pantry help kids know exactly where all their favorite snacks are without tearing through drawers and bags and keeps the chaos to a minimum. All of the snacks for my kids are located at accessible heights, so they're easy for them to grab.

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Fold With a Tuck

organized home rollout
Courtesy of Tania Lourenco

Expert: Tania Lourenco, creator of Homganize

When putting folded clothing in a drawer, stand items on end, rather than stacked flat so you can see what you have. To get even more advanced, try envelope folding: a trick where you tuck in the ends of each piece so they stay folded no matter what. (See a video how-to here.) This way even if you throw your underwear in the air, they will surely keep form.

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Decorate With Extra Family Photos

organized home rollout
Getty (2)

Experts: Tarek El Moussa & Heather Rae Young, stars of HGTV's Flipping 101 and Netflix's Selling Sunset, respectively

We love creating gallery photo walls with all of our family photos. Use the same size for your photo canvases and make sure to first map out your pattern design on the floor before hanging them on the walls. To make it super easy — and a great tip if you are renting — is to use peel-and-stick photo hanging adhesives so they don't ruin the wall. We like Command Photo Strips (about $3 package).

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Charge in One Place

organized home rollout

Experts: Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin, stars of Netflix's Get Organized with The Home Edit

Use a mail sorter and large USB port to create a docking station where your daily electronics (phone, laptop, iPad, etc.) can be charged at the end of the day.

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Always Be Ready for Guests

organized home rollout
Getty; Christopher Shane Photography

Expert: Nikki Boyd, founder of At Home With Nikki

Need a guest bedroom but don't have the space? Be ready for those unexpected guests by shopping through your home and creating a guest bedroom in a bag (or bin or basket) which you can store under your bed so that you are always guest ready!

Grab all the essentials— like a towel, toiletries, bottled water, a snack or two and even a bottle of wine — and throw them all in. It'll make guests feel like your blow-up mattress is the Ritz Carlton!

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Master Kids' Masterpieces

organized home rollout
Getty; Inset: Aspire Organizing

Expert: Tasha Saavedra, owner of Aspire Organizing

If you're overwhelmed by the volume of artwork your kids make and want an alternative to keeping every piece, try this: Snap a quick picture of each item as it comes into your house, and create a photo album of all the pieces on your phone. You can make the album shareable with other family and friends, add the pictures to a digital picture frame on display in your home or create a photo book at the end of the year using a service like Chatbooks, Mixbook or Snapfish. Or, do all three!

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Stick Jars of All Types in Their Place

organized home rollout
Amazon; Courtesy of Neat Method

Experts: Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer, cofounders of Neat Method

Spice drawer liners (like these) are great for the kitchen, but you can use them in your bathroom drawers too to keep products from rolling around — this will make it easier to see their labels, as well!

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Customize Your Cabinets

organized home rollout
Getty; Inset: Courtesy Tiffany Brooks

Expert: Tiffany Brooks, designer and star of HGTV's $50K Three Ways

Take a cube storage shelving system and fill it with a variety of cool baskets to store clothes, toys or other miscellaneous items. This is an easy way to make a storage solution appear more customized than a typical, closed cabinet.

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Make Making the Bed a Breeze

organized home rollout
Getty (2)

Expert: Jasmine Roth, designer and star of HGTV's Help! I Wrecked My House

Want to have cute accent pillows on your bed but sick of taking them on and off each day? Use heavy-duty safety pins to connect the backs of the decorative pillows on your bed together so you can take them off in one single piece at night. Then you just pick up the pillow unit and put it back on the bed the next morning!

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Reuse Bandage Tins for Mini Travel Cases

organized home rollout
Courtesy: Welly; Holly Blakey

Expert: Holly Blakey, owner of Breathing Room Organization

You know those cute tin bandage boxes? Upcycle them by using them as travel toiletry containers (filling them with bobby pins, hair ties, etc.) or for small kids' toys. Now that we're going out more often, these make great little boxes for kids to play with at restaurants!

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