“Nobody knows my world in there,” the actress tells PEOPLE

By Megan Stein
September 22, 2017 11:49 AM
Credit: QVC

Catherine Zeta-Jones is ready to share inside her private life.

“Nobody knows my world in there,” the actress, 47, tells PEOPLE at a preview for her new home line with QVC. “It’s time for me to open up the door in a way and get it out there.”

The Casa Zeta-Jones collection has been “a baby that’s been growing for a long, long time,” and is now primed to launch September 28. Including bedding, décor, bath accessories, throw blankets and more, the Oscar-winner’s passion project reflects how meaningful her own home is to her.

Credit: QVC

“My four walls have been where the best times, the worst times, happy times and sad times, everything is all in those walls,” she says. “When I say goodbye to that Catherine Zeta-Jones, sometimes I do put like an armor on and go out into the world and become that person, play different characters, be them, it gets a little schizophrenic.”

Credit: QVC
Credit: QVC

Returning “back into my home” keeps Zeta-Jones centered. “I’m a homemaker, I love to create welcome, and I love having house guests,” she says. “I have a huge family. They’re always at my house.”

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The Cocaine Godmother star has also been posting photos of the estate she shares with husband Michael Douglas, 72, son Dylan, 17, and daughter Carys, 14, on Instagram ahead of the collaboration, and not just to give fans a taste of her work.

“I prefer to have my life presented as it is by me. So many years in the public eye, somebody else decides who they think you are and how you live and what you do and what your taste is,” she says. “I love it because it really gives people the sense of getting to know me without any preconceptions.”

The actress also admits she’s a neat freak with her work — “Sometimes I’m way too organized, Michael says, ‘Ahhh just mess it up’ — but her crew can see “how much fun and joy it gives me.”

“When I’m happy, they’re happy,” she says. “That’s what family is about, right?”