'Get a Room' 's Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia Reveal the Home Trends That Are Hot Right Now

The original Queer Eye experts are starring in a new home makeover series on Bravo

Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia may not see eye-to-eye with the new Fab Five on everything.

During a recent game of “hot or not” with PEOPLE Now, the original Queer Eye stars shared their thoughts on lavender as a home design trend, with both agreeing that purple shades are very in right now.

“Any dusty rosy lavender color, whether it’s fashion or interiors…” Filicia began, before Kressley added “like mauve…”

“People love it,” Filicia continued.

However, Berk, the interior design expert on the hit series’ Netflix reboot recently shared his thoughts on mauve during a game of 20 questions with Airbnb Plus, saying that he thought it was the one home design trend people would regret ten years from now.

“Just like we regretted it when they did it in the ’50s…” he said.

Although they may not agree with Berk on that shade of pinky purple, they aren’t shy about sharing their opinions about other home decor trends.

Kressley noted that one he isn’t a huge fan of is the nautical theme.

Filicia, on the other hand, enjoys the illusion of a nautical theme, as long as it doesn’t go overboard in a room.

“I think nautical, where it’s not literal, but in the sense of it being sort of waterfront, is really lovely,” he tells PEOPLE Now. “But I think having the ship’s wheel in your living room might be a little much.”

The pair are also fans of the velvet trend, as Kressley was quick to call it “literally hot, because it’s also quite warm,” and a Joanna Gaines-approved design trend: shiplap.

“I think we like shiplap,” Kressley said. “Doesn’t everybody?”

The original Queer Eye stars are reuniting for a new Bravo home makeover show, Get a Room with Carson & Thom, on which they’ll redo homes on a quest to “make America chic again.”

The pair will tackle a wide variety of projects for clients with budgets ranging from $5,000 to $100,000.

“I have always had a career in the design world,” Kressely said when the series was announced. “I got bitten really hard by the design bug. But I kind of, sort of, don’t really know what I’m doing. I thought, ‘Thom knows what he is doing,’ he adds.

Get a Room with Carson & Thom premieres Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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