The actress's director's chair, a year-round Christmas tree, and plenty of sentimental Star Wars artifacts fill the colorful estate

Carrie Fisher’s home is out of this universe.

Good Morning Americas Ginger Zee took a tour of the late actress’s Hacienda-style home in Beverly Hills and captured all of the eclectic décor and personal Star Wars memorabilia that are proudly displayed in the colorful rooms.

“This whole house is filled with her life. It’s kind of like being inside her head.” says Fisher’s brother Todd who joined Zee on the tour.

The actress’s director’s chair from Return of the Jedi, a life-size Yoda statue, a collection of “Ugly children” paintings and other quirky collectibles can be found in the living room, which holds some of Fisher and mother Debbie Reynolds’ 1,500 personal artifacts set to be auctioned off in September.

“Todd Fisher told us he knows Carrie and Debbie would love for their collections to be shared with the world and their fans,” Zee wrote on an Instagram photo of her posing in front of a painting of Fisher in her iconic gold bikini that’s hung in the home’s writing room.

Another focal point of the space is the brightly lit Christmas tree that Fisher kept up year round.

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“What happened many years ago, there’s a silent film star by the name of Harold Lloyd,” Todd says. “He had this giant Christmas tree living in his living room. Carrie and I were little kids and he said, ‘Why can’t we have Christmas all year-round?’ And so, consequently, it affected Carrie psychologically and now we have a Christmas tree year-round.”

A stained-glass window depicting Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, is nestled in one corner, while Star Wars merchandise, often “gifts from fans,” according to Todd, is sprinkled throughout. A framed Princess Leia portrait made from Legos is another standout.

“This was one of her favorite little pieces, too, which was the PEZ dispenser,” Todd says. “But also it reminds us that George Lucas owned her likeness. She used to say ‘When I look in the mirror I had to give him a couple of bucks.’”

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