The actress, 71, has launched a celeb-focussed brand from her backyard
Credit: Oberto Gili

At 71, actress Candice Bergen has become an in-demand painter of famous pets.

Instead of canvas, her acrylic creations are rendered on thousand-dollar designer handbags for clients including Barbra Streisand, who got a portrait of her beloved Maltese, Miss Fanny; and Lena Dunham, who requested a picture of hedgehogs. (Proceeds go to charity.)

The headquarters of the Murphy Brown alum’s burgeoning business, dubbed Bergenbags, is the stunning backyard of her East Hampton home featured in the March issue of Architectural Digest.

Credit: Oberto Gili

The garden — profiled in the magazine by Bergen’s daughter, Vogue contributor Chloe Malle — separates the mother and daughter’s summer homes. It’s a labor of love executed over many years by the actress’s husband of 17 years, Marshall Rose, his late wife, and A-list landscape designer Edmund Hollander.

“The man works on vast farms, incorporating Henry Moore bronzes into rolling hills,” Bergen explains. “We stepped up and said, ‘We’d like you to refresh two acres!’ And he did.”

Credit: Oberto Gili
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Credit: Alexi Lubomirski, courtesy Architectural Digest

Despite the small scale of the commission, Hollander went to extremes to get the perfect plants on site, including trucking in a 35-foot sycamore tree from New Jersey, which Malle notes caused “a temporary closure of the George Washington Bridge.”

The most sentimental plants, however, were an amateur addition. The apple trees that line the property’s perimeter, she reveals, were an anniversary gift from Rose.

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