Camille Grammer Is Living in a 1,200-Sq.-Ft. Trailer Home After Losing Mansion in Malibu Fire

"I'm still processing it all," Camille Grammer tells PEOPLE, months after her Malibu home was destroyed

It’s been four months since a horrific fire destroyed her Malibu home, and Camille Grammer is getting used to her new normal.

“I’m still processing it all,” says the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who downsized from her nearly 6,000-square-foot former mansion to a 1,200-square-foot double wide trailer home, also in Malibu, that she initially purchased years ago for her parents.

Grammer, 50, admits she still has periods where it’s difficult to accept what transpired.

Camille Grammer. Courtesy Camille Grammer

“There are times I lamented about it,” she says. “I miss my home, and having my bed to go back to. It was my safe haven and there was so much emotional value and memories connected to it.”

Says Grammer: “There are days that I think that I have certain things, sunglasses or clothes or notebooks or pictures. Then I realize, oh that doesn’t exist anymore. The comfort of walking in and having a home, that’s gone.”

Grammer wed attorney David C. Meyer last fall, months before the fire, and she says he’s been “extremely supportive” throughout the transition.

“We make it work,” says Grammer. “This has been a good learning experience for us.”

As for their new abode, where she lives with Meyer and 17-year-old Mason — her daughter with ex Kelsey Grammer (their son Jude, 14, is living with dad) — Grammer is looking on the bright side.

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“It’s kind of like glamping,” she says, though she admits that the “tight” quarters can take some getting used to. “I don’t have as much privacy — but then again, I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head.”

And ultimately, Grammer says she’s gained a new perspective on what’s important in life.

“We have the necessities we need,” she says. “We don’t need an abundance of things. Humbling experiences like this bring you to your knees. It really is a fresh start.”

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