"It was important that the office feel welcoming and relaxed, not stiff or restrictive to desk work only," the entrepreneur and lifestyle expert says

By Madison Roberts
April 29, 2019 08:00 AM

When Camila McConaughey first founded Women of Today over four years ago, she did so by sitting at her kitchen table on a laptop.

As the lifestyle and community website began taking off, she found herself taking over more and more of the kitchen table with her work documents.

“As the business grew, I knew it was time to officially build an office and give my family our kitchen table back,” McConaughey tells PEOPLE exclusively.

So she collaborated with Restoration Hardware to create an office to act as the headquarters for her organization, which aims to bring women of different cultures together. The Brazil native wanted the office to reflect that sense of a community.

RH / Casey Dunn

“It was important that the office feel welcoming and relaxed, not stiff or restrictive to desk work only,” she says. So she opted for a cozy vibe, bringing in an arm chair, a patterned rug and throw blankets for the space.

“We also took into consideration the space being utilized to shoot and capture content (bye to renting studio space!),” she adds.

RH / Casey Dunn

As for the vibe of the office, she wanted it to reflect the diversity of the women who use the platform and her own personal style, which she describes as “global with some bohemian touches.” So she brought in personal elements like mementos from her world travels.

“Most of my interior spaces are designed around paintings, furniture and accessories I picked up while traveling abroad,” she says. “The WOT office has several of those pieces incorporated into the design.”

RH / Casey Dunn

However, McConaughey admits that this space is fairly different than the design of her family home, which she shares with her husband Matthew and their three kids — sons Levi, 10, and Livingston, 6, and daughter Vida, 9.

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“There are some similarities, but the WOT office highlights my personality,” McConaughey says. “The interior design in our home is a nice creative balance of our family’s personality as a unit.”