"I've grown up watching my dad build amazing things around our house and for other people, he is truly an extraordinary builder," his daughter said

By Claudia Harmata
June 30, 2020 03:44 PM
Julianna Astrid/Twitter

A California dad made good use of the last three months in self-isolation, building his family their very own coffee shop in their backyard.

His daughter, Julianna Astrid, documented his process on Twitter in a post that has since gone viral with over 36,000 retweets and 302,000 likes as of Tuesday.

"Did my dad really build a coffee shop in the backyard by himself within 3 months? Absolutely," she began her Twitter thread, sharing photos of the beautiful backyard oasis her dad dubbed, "La Vida."

Julianna said her father built the home "from the ground up."

Julianna Astrid/Twitter
Julianna Astrid/Twitter

"I've grown up watching my dad build amazing things around our house and for other people, he is truly an extraordinary builder," she told Newsweek. "He has always had a love for coffee and cozy spots and recently decided to fuel that love into something for his own backyard where the family and our guests can sit back, lounge and bond."

The complete structure sits in their backyard next to a patio. Her dad, Ed, created a storefront feel with giant, glass windows and a small outdoor seating area under string lights.

Julianna Astrid/Twitter

Once inside, the coffee shop features a cozy area for family and guests to spend time together with a table and chess set, magazine rack, TV and bar seating.

The shop also, of course, comes with a coffee maker, mini fridge, pastry case and menu board that reads: "'Mo'cha Latte, Alex'presso, Ju Ju Cha Cha Chai and Carty Cocoa."

Julianna Astrid/Twitter
Julianna Astrid/Twitter

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"La Vida" took about three months to complete, Julianna shared, adding that when her dad first told his family about the idea they thought it was hilarious.

"My dad loves looking at little houses and different structures on Pinterest and randomly one day he told us 'yea I think I'm gonna build a coffee shop in the backyard,' all of us started cracking up because it was so random and honestly, just a funny thought," she admitted. "Three months later, this thing was built!"

Julianna Astrid/Twitter

Astrid also built it using entirely repurposed materials.

"Something that really makes me proud is his eye for seeing beauty in everything," Julianna said. "My dad is a contractor and has been on so many job sites where he has to throw old materials away to make room for the new remodels; but he saved some of the 'trash' from numerous jobs and repurposed it to create his coffee shop; these things included materials to build the structure, the coffee shops doors and the front window!"

Since Julianna's post blew up, her dad has made an Instagram account "Ed (E.L.S) THE BUILDER!" and is available for hire.

"Looking to build something? I’m your guy," his bio reads.