The former contestants reveal their expert tricks

By Megan Stein
July 03, 2017 11:49 AM

If you can’t win, teach!

Former Bachelor contestants Caila Quinn and Olivia Caridi may not have left the ABC show with a fiancé, but they did pack their suitcases with plenty of knowledge on how to still enjoy the franchise after the final rose. Even better — the pair stopped by PEOPLE Now to impart their watch party wisdom for the world to enjoy.

From tips as simple as who to invite (“You need to watch the show with actual fans,” advises Caridi) to more extensive ideas like bringing a spare phone charger (“How awful would that be if we stop tweeting and let down our followers if our phone is dead?” says Caridi) these two have all of your Bachelor basics covered.

Possibly their most vital trick, though, is to have a full set of GIFs on hand in preparation for any situation.

“If you don’t have GIFs saved ready to go, you’re missing out on the pure watch party essentials,” Caridi says.

Quinn adds, “Pick a TV show that you love, pick three expressions: one that’s happy, one that’s sad and on that’s shocking.”

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We’re just going to leave this here.

For Quinn and Caridi’s full tips, watch the video above.