WATCH: Busy Phillips and Snoop Dogg Have a Christmas Craft-Off: 'I'm Anxious to See What This Glitter Glue Do'

Snoop Dogg has a side chick for Christmas.

Don’t tell Martha Stewart, but the rapper and co-host of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party is the first guest on The Make Off, a holiday crafting video series created by Michaels and hosted by another artfully inclined celebrity, Busy Philipps. In case you were wondering what competitive crafting might look like, the actress breaks down the webisode’s premise: “Making things can be super fun, as long as you do it with friends and family, you have a few simple supplies … and you judge it and declare a winner.”

The order of the day is ornaments, and the pair has 30 minutes to decorate a mini Christmas tree with sparkly DIY creations, to be judged by a special guest. The winner receives the “Maker Cup,” which looks remarkably like the “pimp cup” Snoop drinks out of on Dinner Party.

courtesy Michaels

While the rap legend has proven he’s much more than a comic foil to Stewart’s kitchen goddess in the VH1 series — in the first episode’s face-off, his prolific fried chicken recipe forced celeb guests and judges Seth Rogan and Wiz Khalifa to call a tie — when it comes to crafting, Snoop relies on enthusiasm over technical skill.

Per the introductory voiceover, he’s been crafting for over a decade and his specialties are macrame and quilting. It could be said glueing beads and glitter moderation are his weaknesses. “I’m so creative. You know I’m one of those freestylers, right? So I just make it up as I go,” Snoop declares. Philipps’ ornaments are more traditionally attractive, but the combination of dog paw stickers, glitter glue and dripping beads give Snoop’s an appealing DIY quality.

Watch the full video above to see who’s declared the winner, and check back on PEOPLE Home to see more episodes featuring guests Jason Biggs, Joel and Benji Madden and the Bella twins.

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