The direct-to-consumer couch company, otherwise known as the "Casper for Couches," just unveiled their first non-furniture products.

October 16, 2018 09:00 AM

Burrow just unveiled its first non-furniture products — and they’re the perfect finishing touch for your living room!

The direct-to-consumer brand, often dubbed “Casper for Couches” for its online ordering system and easy mail delivery, has launched a collection of throw blankets and pillows that complete its four pre-existing design styles: Industrial, Mid-Century, Rustic and Bohemian. Each collection is meant for a different type of interior aesthetic, and pairs with one of their custom couches. On the Burrow site, customers can pair blankets and throws with a couch to see what they will look like together before clicking “buy.”

“Whether you’re looking for that one missing throw pillow or you want to style your new living room with one of our collections, Burrow will guide you through that process,” Stephen Kuhl, Co-Founder and CEO of Burrow tells PEOPLE in a statement. “If your style is Mid-Century, Bohemian, or a mixture of the two, we’re making it simple for you to complete the right look for your home.”

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Essential collection pillows, like a solid woven mustard yellow number start at $39 for square and $35 for lumbar, while design collection pillows, like a patterned black and white plush or a cozy nude knit, cost $59 each for square and $55 for lumbar.

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Cozy fair trade and GoodWeave certified throw blankets are $79 and come in navy, ivory or gray.

Boho Collection

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Earlier this year, Burrow expanded from their online market to create their first ever retail location in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. Because their business model was meant to be direct-to-consumer, the brand wanted to create an experiential store where customers could come sit on their customizable furniture and hang out for a day. To make the store feel more home-like, they created a photo booth downstairs, an in-house screening room, and a lounge area upstairs where potential customers can come hang out to sit on Burrow couches and chairs.

Burrow’s new collections will be available for in-store purchases as well.

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