By Megan Stein
April 10, 2017 05:20 PM

If only this couch existed when Ross Geller was around.

As any apartment dweller well knows, the struggle is real when it comes to moving a couch between tiny apartments. Whether it’s trying to finagle it up a narrow staircase, a la the favorite ’90s sitcom character, or attempting to push it through too-narrow doorways, relocating this PIVOT-al piece of furniture is no easy feat.

Enter Burrow: a direct-to-consumer brand whose single customizable sofa combines modern stylings, low prices and a streamlined assembly process. According to the company, their seating can be put together in ten minutes and just as easily packed up when moving day comes, saving you time and preserving any relationships that may not be able to withstand IKEA instructions.


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“We decided to create Burrow when we saw friends paying to have their couches cut apart in order to get them up narrow New York City apartment stairwells,” Stephen Kuhl, who co-founded the brand with Kabeer Chopra, states in a press release. “Burrow helps eliminate the difficulties of purchasing a couch and is specifically designed to support customers as their lives evolve.”


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The modular sofa is available in five colors and four sizes. The one-cushion version can serve as a stylish armchair, while the four-seater is ideal for you and a few friends. Armrests come in high or low options, and the cushions are reversible, offering a smooth finish on one side and a tufted style on the other.

With free one-week shipping and prices that peak at $1,150.00, a Friends marathon in your new place is closer than ever.