WATCH: The Property Brothers Are All About the Pranks in This Exclusive Clip

Drew and Jonathan Scott are gearing up for the finale of Brother Vs. Brother

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There's nothing like a little sibling rivalry.

The Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have been going head to head in this season of Brother Vs. Brother, battling it out to impress their judges — and suffering a few embarrassing losses along the way.

Two of the most memorable defeats: Jonathan, 38, serving as a jester in the live-action Las Vegas attraction, Tournament of Kings, and Drew, 38, donning a full-on showgirl costume on the strip.

"Jonathan looked like a fool and he played the part well," Drew jokes with PEOPLE about his first victory over his brother. "I, on the other hand, looked damn good in that showgirl costume."

"Drew was way too comfortable in that outfit," Jonathan retorts.

WATCH: Which Property Brother Bests the Other on Tonight's Brother Vs. Brother Finale?

Although both Property Brothers have had ups and downs throughout the journey, some projects were a bit more satisfying than others.

"I think, for me, the kitchen renovation was the best because I did something very, very different. When I saw the reaction of the judges I was thrilled because it was a bigger risk but absolutely worth it." Still, it's hard for him to pick just one high point: "It's tough because I've won so many more challenges than Drew."

For his part, Drew says it still stings a bit when he thinks about the master bath competition.

"To be honest the entire crew, even a lot of Jonathan's crew were like, 'Oh, Drew had so much to work with for the master bathroom, the transformation is unbelievable,' and Jonathan still beat me on that and I was floored," he says. "Even though I lost that challenge, I was still the most proud of that bathroom transformation."

Drew and Jonathan may be seasoned pros, but there's one childhood habit they can't resist. "It's all pranks, all day long," Drew says. "I have secret insider spies on Jonathan's crew that are giving me details."

"I had to keep my pranks a little bit nicer this year," Jonathan adds. "Last year I let the air out of Drew's tires just before taking off to an appointment and that did not go over well."

An exclusive clip from tonight's finale is further proof of the jokesters' love for tricks.

"If there's one thing I know Jonathan doesn't like, it's a whole lot of mini-mes," Drew says in the episode, as he fills Jonathan's house with Drew gnomes from their Scott Living line.

Although the brothers are all about fun and games, they do take the competition seriously. And while they are both confident, it's impossible to predict who comes out on top.

"We have no control over who wins," Jonathan says. "The buyers decide."

Tune in to HGTV tonight at 9 p.m. EST to find out which brother gets the crown — and the ultimate bragging rights.

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