Why Andy Roddick Threw Away All His Tennis Trophies: 'These Don't Mean Success to Me'

The former world number one tossed all but his U.S. Open trophy while wife Brooklyn Decker was out of town

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Andy Roddick has been a U.S. Open singles champion, world number one and, later this summer, an inductee into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. But step into the Austin home he shares with his wife, actress Finery founder Brooklyn Decker, 30, and son Hank, 1, and you won’t see a single vestige of his epic career.

“We have his US Open trophy,” Decker tells PEOPLE, but it’s currently on loan to the hall for a temporary exhibit. “But all his other trophies Andy threw away in the garbage.”

Roddick, 36, won the U.S. open in 2003, three years after turning pro, but never took home another Grand Slam trophy. He retired in 2012 and now runs the nonprofit Andy Roddick Foundation.

“It was really upsetting,” Decker says of coming home to find his accolades gone. “He did it one day when I was out of town. [He] decided that these don’t mean success to me, these don’t define me and I don’t really care to have these material things sitting around the house, so he threw them in the trash. I think he saved a few but they are not on display.”

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Instead, the house, which Brooklyn decorated herself, is filled with family-friendly furnishings, designer touches, and quirky decorations like a light-up sign that says “YOLO.” Check out the current issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now, to tour the couple’s gorgeous modern farmhouse.

— With reporting from Kristen O’Brien

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