Original 'Brady Bunch' Cast Asks Fans to Help Track Down the Iconic Items from their TV Home

A Very Brady Renovation premieres on HGTV in 2019

The stars of the Brady Bunch are asking fans for help bring their TV family’s iconic home to life — again!

The actors who played the six Brady kids (Maureen McCormick, Barry Williams, Eve Plumb, Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen, and Mike Lookinland) are currently filming A Very Brady Renovation alongside a slew of HGTV stars, with the goal of transforming the house that served as the Brady home’s famous facade, so that the interiors match the show’s groovy soundstage set.

Renovations are well underway, but the stars are asking America to help with one major task: locating authentic vintage items that appeared in the house.

“Help us finish the Brady Bunch house!” Christopher Knight (Peter) says in a video that premiered exclusively on PEOPLE.com.

The cast is looking for retro pieces that were a part of the original set of the beloved sitcom, such as the floral couch that was in the Brady’s living room, the front door handles, and many of the home’s accent pieces like the horse statue and a stuffed animal giraffe.


“Many of these 1970s items are very rare and hard to find,” Abbi McCollum, vice president of convergence and social media for HGTV told PEOPLE in a statement. “We’ve seen an incredible response from Brady Bunch fans across social media since we first announced the series. Now, we need their help to get the renovation of the house just right.”

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HGTV is asking fans who may own exact replicas of these items, or know where to find them, to post a photo or video of the piece on HGTV’s Facebook page or on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #verybradyreno, or direct message the network.

For a full gallery of the items HGTV is crowdsourcing, visit HGTV.com/Brady.


The network first announced their plans to revamp the home after beating out other prospective buyers (including NYSYNC’s Lance Bass) to purchase the property for$3.5 million.

Although only the home’s exterior was used for filming — the interior scenes were all filmed on a sound stage — the cast mates are partnering with HGTV stars including Drew and Jonathan Scott, Leanne and Steve Ford, and Nicole Curtis to renovate the house to match the real deal, inside and out.

A Very Brady Renovation premieres on HGTV in 2019.

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