By Megan Stein
Updated November 18, 2016 04:34 PM
Boy Meets World - MAIN
Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty

Mr. Fee-Hee-Hee-Heeny fans: Your day has been made.

The real home that served as the façade of the Matthews’ house in the beloved sitcom Boy Meets World is now on sale with an asking price of $1.595 million, according to Trulia and listing agents Lisa & Scott Sorrentino of Rodeo Realty. Sadly, a no-nonsense teacher with a heart of gold will most likely not be your next door neighbor.

Watchers of the show will remember the home as the site of many laughs and life lessons that Ben Savage’s character, Cory Matthews, and his pack of pals experienced during the series’ seven seasons. In real life, however, the quaint two-bedroom, two-bathroom abode sits in a quiet Studio City, California neighborhood that still boasts the same charm it did when serving as the residence of one of TV’s favorite families.

Boy Meets World - 4
Credit: Rodeo Realty

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The interiors don’t reflect the Matthews’ style, but the home still retains a few ’90s-era touches, including floral wallpaper and blue cabinetry. A den, formal living and dining rooms, and large basement with wine cellar offer plenty of possibilities for renovations. Who knows, Cory and his older brother Eric may not have even have needed to bunk in the same bedroom had they lived in the actual 2,500-square-foot space.

Boy Meets World - 2
Credit: Rodeo Realty
Boy Meets World - 5
Credit: Rodeo Realty

Although Cory’s enviable tree house doesn’t exist on the property, the backyard is still pretty spectacular. Beautifully maintained gardens, a pergola and outdoor dining areas could have all served as appropriate spots for Mr. Feeny to dole out sage advice to his young charges.

If you’re undergoing a bout of serious Cory and Topanga nostalgia and can’t afford to pick up this property, don’t worry. The cast’s recent reunion will give you all the BMW feels you need to get by.