Black is the New Evergreen? See the New Christmas Tree Trend People Are Putting in Their Homes

"All Christmas trees are gorgeous, no matter what color the branches are," says one supporter.

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Photo: Wayfair

Some people are dreaming of a black Christmas.

In 2018, black Christmas trees are the hot new holiday decor trend showing up in people’s homes across America.

According to online home decor retailer Wayfair, there has been a 70 percent increase in site searches for these ebony evergreens, since last year (3,900 between Jan. 1 and Nov. 26, 2018, compared to 2,300 in the same period in 2017).

Since the start of November, the site has seen nearly 2,000 searches for black Christmas trees, a spokesperson for Wayfair tells PEOPLE.

According to Treetopia, a site devoted to colorful faux trees, black is currently the second most popular color for artificial trees (after green) in five states — Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Delaware — and the District of Columbia.

On Instagram, the hashtag #blackchristmastree, has over 9,600 posts, while one black Christmas tree pin alone has been saved over 12,000 times on Pinterest, according to Good Morning America.

So why would people want to trade in their traditional greenery for a darker hue?

Misti McDermott, who has owned her tree for four years after she moved from Missouri to Florida, told GMA, “It is hard to get into the holiday spirit [here] like it is in the Midwest, where it is cold this time of year. I felt like switching it up would make a fun spin on having a Christmas tree and we get more excited about Christmas now.”

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McDermott decorates her artificial tree in Star Wars trimmings. Other people opt for bows, tinsel, and white, gold, red or pastel colored ornaments, according to a thread of inspiration for black Christmas trees on Pinterest.

Jen Curlee, who has set up a black tree in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for seven years, tells GMA that it is often more adaptable than traditional firs.

“I have plans to make my black tree a ‘holiday’ tree and leave it out from October through Christmas,” she says. “This way I can enjoy it longer and decorate for two other months as well.”


Wayfair currently has 87 black Christmas trees available for purchase on their website, and Treetopia also has a wide array of offerings. Sites like Walmart and Amazon are also hopping on the trend to bring people the Christmas tree color of their dreams this holiday season.

“I hope that more people will decorate their homes how they like regardless of what their neighbor has in their window,” Curlee tells GMA. “All Christmas trees are gorgeous, no matter what color the branches are.”

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