This $30 Sanitizing Steam Cleaner Can Tackle Everything from Black Mold to Dirty Microwaves

“Stains I had scrubbed and used cleaners on that never really got clean suddenly disappeared!”

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BISSELL SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner with Natural Sanitization
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Any time things are feeling a little grimy around your place, breaking out the steam mop, vacuum, and bin of spray bottles can do wonders. But those cleaning wipes can only go so far when it comes to really deep cleaning your home. For the spaces that may have been neglected for just a little too long, there's one steam cleaner that thousands of Amazon shoppers would happily point you in the direction of.

Bissell's SteamShot hard surface steam cleaner can revitalize everything that your sponges, scrub brushes, and good ol' hand-power can't. If you've been waiting to bite the bullet and treat your home to a nice steam cleaning sesh, now's the time, since the bestseller is currently on sale for $30.

BISSELL SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner with Natural Sanitization

Buy It! Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner, $30 (orig. $36.04);

Warming up in 30 seconds, this steam cleaner gets to work quickly and doesn't need any chemicals to do so. The extra-hot steam makes it possible to get a thorough clean sans bleach or other solutions, and the brand states it can wipe out 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs simply with hot water alone. There are also seven nozzles included in the kit, so you can customize the steamer based on what needs a good wash.

Three scrub brushes come in the set, which all turn the steamer into a helpful multipurpose cleaning tool for a variety of surfaces. There's also an angled tip and a flat scraper for reaching the impossible nooks and crannies that rarely see the light of day, and for scrubbing down appliances like microwaves and ovens.

Buyers found it worked wonderfully for refreshing grout in the bathroom, getting gunk out of window sills, and cleaning up crown molding, too. This little tool is also comparable to its competitors. "I've had a couple of steam cleaners, my recent one was a Shark with all the attachments," wrote one shopper. "It cost over $100 and can't hold a candle to this little beauty that I just received today!"

And the proof is in the pudding — this hard surface steam cleaner has earned 9,400 perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers.

"I will admit I do like to clean; however I don't enjoy using a toothbrush to get into corners of the bathroom, or scraping anything off the stove," explained one reviewer who decided to purchase the SteamShot. "I just couldn't wait to use it, then I couldn't stop! Stains I had scrubbed and used cleaners on that never really got clean suddenly disappeared! I've used it in the shower, on tile floors, in corners of the bathrooms and kitchen, but the microwave blew me away! A couple of shots and it was like I had a brand new microwave."

Don't put off cleaning that crusty microwave or dingy shower any longer, especially now that this handy tool is on sale. Bissell's SteamShot makes it a breeze to return your spaces to sparkling clean status.

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