January 12, 2017 02:19 PM


Billy Bob Thornton is popping up in lots of unexpected places this week, including on the list of Golden Globe winners for his role in the Amazon drama Goliath and in this Los Angeles kitchen. The actor and musician will appear on the season premiere of Home Made Simple on OWN, as one of his bandmates in the rockabilly ensemble, The Boxmasters, gets a much-needed remodel.

“It’s not every day you walk into the kitchen and find Billy Bob Thornton standing there — unless of course you are Lisa and Teddy,” says the show’s host (and Nate Berkus’s husband), Jeremiah Brent of his new design clients.

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But Thornton isn’t just here for an MTV Cribs–style cameo. “The only thing more surprising was his design savvy,” says Brent. Lisa and Teddy’s retro kitchen is full of quirky — and sadly, mostly broken — appliances original to the midcentury house. 

“Nothing works here,” says Lisa. Thornton even demonstrates this fact by easily pulling off the entire oven door. “Our kitchen is old — this is from the 1950s,” she says. “I like the ’50s, but we need help.”

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In the exclusive clip above, the group agrees on a vintage-cool makeover, with Thornton lending the perfect teaser for what’s to come with his signature wry delivery: “What if you did a retro thing . . . that worked?”

See this episode of Home Made Simple on Saturday, January 14, at 9:30 AM on OWN.

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