PHOTOS: Inside Betsey Johnson's Funky Malibu Mobile Home

The fashion designer shows off her eclectic home.

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Malibu Betsey

Justin Coit

After living in New York City for 55 years, Betsey Johnson says, she woke up one freezing-cold morning and said, "I'm out of here." The 75-year-old fashion designer packed up her belongings and found a community of some 270 mobile homes tucked away on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Johnson spent more than $500,000 transforming a pink mobile home into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom sanctuary. Throughout, tables and shelves overflow with antiques, tchotchkes and vintage portraits from a lifetime of collecting. "I would like people to think of this as a funny little museum", she says.

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Blissful Bedroom

Justin Coit

"I believe that paint creates the most emotion in a room," Johnson says. She also believes in having flowers everywhere, including on her bedside table. "I want my home to make me feel happy, and flowers always do that."

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Bathing Beauty

Justin Coit

"I will use it when it gets a little warmer," Johnson says of the functioning bathtub on her outdoor patio. "I hate showers."

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Touching Memories

Justin Coit

"I've lost so much with my many move-arounds," Johnson says of the framed family photos throughout her home. "Between my sister and my brother, we've saved what we love."

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