The fashion designer transformed a mobile home community into a colorful two bedroom, two bathroom oasis when she moved to LA from New York

Betsey Johnson is saying goodbye to her Malibu mobile home.

The fashion designer, 77, is listing the colorful, funky space for $1.95 million.

The home, which is painted bright pink, is described as a “bohemian dream” in its listing on Compass, and was designed by Johnson herself, featuring a lush outdoor space complete with a tub and plenty of areas to entertain.

One of the most unique aspects of the property — aside from the fact it is a mobile home worth millions — is the double-sized master bedroom, which is called “The Yellow Room” for its retro, monochrome vibe.

Other amenities include “24-hour guard-gated entry, a community tennis court and clubhouse, and access to one of the world’s most celebrated beaches,” the listing boasts.

Credit: Justin Coit

While it might sound extreme to be paying millions of dollars for a mobile home, Paradise Cove is the world’s most exclusive trailer park. The community has been called home by several other A-list celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey, Pamela Anderson and Minnie Driver, and is beloved for offering a more laid back lifestyle despite its proximity to Hollywood.

Betsey Johnson’s Malibu house
| Credit: Justin Coit

Johnson has also proclaimed the house’s eccentricity, telling PEOPLE in 2018, “I would like people to think of this as a funny little museum.”

The fashion designer said that she was inspired to leave New York one particularly cold morning for the sunny beaches of Los Angeles, and has never looked back.

“I’ve made lots of mistakes with boyfriends and husbands,” Johnson explained. “I don’t think I’ve made more than two mistakes with my houses, purchases for my houses or the clothes in my closet.”

Betsey Johnson
| Credit: Justin Coit

Despite the fact, the listing doesn’t even share what the square footage of the mobile home is, the designer previously insisted there is plenty of room for guests, including a beachy guest bedroom, and to entertain.

“To me, my house is the entertainment,” she said, explaining that she doesn’t consider herself much of a cook or “preparer”: “the decor replaces the good meal.”

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In 2016, the fashion designer sold her equally distinctive New York condo on the Upper East Side for $2.25 million.

The listing of the Malibu oasis comes a few months after Johnson had open heart surgery earlier this year.

“A couple of days ago I felt, ‘I will never feel right. I will never get back to the real me. I will never look that good again, I will never have that energy again. It’s gone, I am 76, it is over,’” she told PEOPLE in May three weeks after the operation. “Every day I feel better and better and better, and I am getting closer to realizing that I can be that person again, that I don’t need to throw in the towel.”

She added: “There were times where you just felt like you had to throw in the towel because you felt like you just could never make it back to that you were before, but I am getting there.”