The 11 Best Robot Vacuums of 2023 That Will Do All of the Hard Work for You

It’s like having a personal cleaning concierge service

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eufy by Anker, RoboVac X8 Hybrid
Photo: People / Henry Wortock

Robot vacuums are just the latest example of modern technology making our lives easier (like robots to pet your dogs!). Leaving your vacuum unsupervised to clean your home saves you the time and energy of having to do the tedious task yourself. Using the latest technology, robot vacuums are very self-sufficient; some can map out your home, avoid stray objects, and suck up every crumb and strand of fur on your floors.

"There are many factors to consider when purchasing a robot vacuum, but what sets a robot vacuum apart is the software intelligence it utilizes," says Brent Hild, director of product management at iRobot AI. According to Hild, these programmable machines can offer a personalized cleaning experience, which is designed to make your life easier when it comes to keeping your space tidy. "Software also enables various digital features in a robot's companion app, like scheduling, reports on cleaning results, maintenance suggestions, and more," Hild adds.

We created a mock room and let 30 robot vacuums loose to pick up crumbs, fur, and sand, and evaluated each for setup, effectiveness, maneuverability, noise, and special features. Below, we've rounded up the best robot vacuums, according to PEOPLE.

PEOPLE Tested Winners

Best Overall: iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

best robot vacuums


  • One of the most affordable Roombas we tested
  • It self-empties and is rather quiet while zipping around your home
  • Super strong suction lifts dirt, sand, and pet hair from both rugs and hardwood floors
  • Maneuvered under tables, between chair legs, and around furniture with ease despite a lack of object-avoidance technology
  • Held up well over six months of home testing without breaking or other issues


  • Had issues picking up debris at the edge of the rug
  • Tends to get hair stuck in the brush roll

When you think of a robot vacuum, the first name that pops up is Roomba — a highly popular model beloved for its ease of use and top-notch cleaning skills. The iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum earned a perfect five out of five stars for how simple it was to set up, its effectiveness on both rugs and hard floors, and its maneuverability.

It took us five minutes to set up this vacuum thanks to clear and easy instructions. We loved how well this little vacuum maneuvered around the space — it moves quickly, fitting between chair legs and under tables and other furniture. The robot vacuum handled the pet hair, human hair, and cheerios extremely well and lifted an impressive amount of the sand from the testing floor.

It should be noted that while this vacuum had some trouble getting debris at the edge of the rug where it met the floor, the combined brush and vacuum technology got most dirt up on a first pass. The only inconvenience with this model is its lack of object avoidance technology. That's not a dealbreaker by any means, but should be considered if you have small kids that leave items on the floor or pets who have accidents.

Overall, we believe this is an excellent value and a great robot vacuum for your day-to-day needs. It's not overly loud, is easy to empty after use, and has some smart technology such as voice control and app connections.

How it's held up: After six months, the quality has not changed a wink. It's a great way to maintain a general level of "clean" on your floor surfaces, though we think you should still run a regular vacuum once in a while for a more thorough cleaning. Also, considering our apartment's unique layout, this vacuum does a mighty job navigating various corners and oddly shaped walls. It expertly picks up our long hair and all the dirt we bring in from the NYC streets. The only thing we wish it had was mapping technology, because it does often stray into areas and rooms we don't want it to, but other than that, it's an efficient and durable robot vacuum.

Price at time of publish: $249.99

Works on: Hard floors, rugs, and carpets | Special features: App control, voice control | Object avoidance tech: No | Mopping capabilities: No | Good for: Pet fur, hair, crumbs, dirt

best robot vacuums
People/Henry Wortock

Best Budget: ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

best robot vacuums


  • Easy to set up; took us less than five minutes
  • Great control over maneuverability, and despite no mapping capabilities, it scoots around furniture and other objects with expert efficiency
  • Includes handy remote control to switch on various settings while you're seated on the couch or in another room
  • Quiet enough we could hold a normal volume conversation over it


  • Had some trouble picking up Cheerios in corners
  • Not many smart tech features; doesn't plan routes

This budget-friendly robot vacuum was a favorite among our team because it moves around a space efficiently, picking up most dirt on carpets and hard floors along the way. We spent some time reading the manual, but after doing so, setup took less than five minutes.

This model also comes with a handy remote control so you can change the settings while you lounge and watch your favorite TV show (work smarter, not harder!). It can navigate between carpet and hard floors with ease, avoiding most objects despite not having specific object avoidance technology. It scored well in noise level, because our team could hold a clear conversation during testing even when the vacuum was close by.

We observed that this vacuum had trouble grabbing cheerios from corners during testing, but that was the only hitch in its effectiveness. Though there aren't many smart tech features with this model, when considering its easy maintenance, cleaning abilities, and low price, we think this is a great value and would be a good starter robot vacuum.

How it's held up: Six months after using this robot vacuum in our homes, we can say that it's still highly efficient at picking up everyday messes. We rarely have to empty the trash compartment even though it's constantly sucking up debris and hair. It even picks up all the dog hair under our bed without issue. Though it doesn't plot routes, which could be a con for some folks, it does an excellent job cleaning the space it's in.

Price at time of publish: $111.99

Works on: Hard surfaces and carpet | Special features: Remote control | Object avoidance tech: No | Mopping capabilities: No | Good for: Pet hair, dirt, and other debris

best robot vacuums
People/Henry Wortock

Best Investment: Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Robot Vacuum with RockDock


  • Works on all floor types: wood, tile, and carpet
  • Provides a thorough clean between the mop and vacuum capabilities
  • Self-cleaning, emptying, and drying
  • App notifies you when the vacuum needs any maintenance or updates
  • Multiple cleaning modes (with loud and quiet options)


  • With poor WiFi connections, the programming setup takes some time

$1,500 is a lot to spend on a vacuum cleaner, but after trying this self-emptying robot vacuum in our day-to-day routine at home, we believe the quality matches the investment. We used this robot vacuum in every room and on every type of flooring — tile, rugs, and wood floors. It cleaned everything from general dust and debris to food messes and spills. We also utilized the mopping capabilities, and they were highly effective at cleaning up small spills.

In terms of setup, getting the robot vacuum up and running took four minutes (with an additional 10 to set up the programs like scheduling cleanings, etc.). That said, during setup, if your WiFi signal isn't strong, the process will fail a few times before it actually syncs. We used this vacuum daily over a month-long testing period and loved that it kept our apartment dust-free during allergy season. There are several cleaning modes, such as deep cleaning mode (which is quite loud, but effective) and light cleaning mode (which is quieter and you can hold a conversation over).

You can set it to clean just one room or zone at a time, if you prefer. For example, you could schedule it to clean the kitchen after meal time so it can immediately grab any stray crumbs or scraps. With regards to maneuverability, this robot vacuum is quite nimble and fits under the couch with ease, though it did bump into our glass table a couple of times. The floor is noticeably wet after the mop mode but squeaky clean

After cleaning, it empties all debris into a bag. The mop feature also empties any excess water after every three cleanings into a container that you can pour into a sink; plus the app tells you when it's ready to empty. Given how time-saving and effective this robot vacuum is, we think the price is valid.

Price at time of publish: $609.99 (orig $1,599)

Works on: Hard floors and carpet | Special features: App, self-emptying, multiple cleaning modes | Object avoidance tech: Yes | Mopping capabilities: Yes | Good for: Pet hair, dirt, dust, and debris

Best Value: Black & Decker ROBOSeries (BDRV1)

Black + Decker RoboSeries Robot Vacuum with Maintenance Kit


  • Grabs dirt, hair, and dust from all floor types: hardwoods, carpet, and tile
  • Setup was quick and easy (apart from a WiFi issue)
  • Easy to change the cleaning modes and times via the app
  • Decent object-avoidance technology; can maneuver around and under furniture


  • App had a tough time connecting to the device without a strong WiFi connection
  • Some hair got tangled in the rollers but came out with a tool easily

We love Black and Decker's dustbusters, so we were pumped when they released a robot vacuum. We used this vacuum all over our apartment and loved how well it worked. The setup took about four minutes; we just had to plug in the charging dock, turn on the robot vacuum and let it fully charge before using it. However, the app had a hard time connecting to the device (which we suspect was a WiFi issue). Once in the app, you can schedule cleanings or choose a cleaning based on the modes you programmed.

During testing, this vacuum was highly effective at lifting dust and pet hair, as well as stray crumbs and dirt. It goes over the same spots a few times and really gets everything up; we didn't see any debris once it was finished. This robot vacuum is versatile on both hard floors and rugs, and it cuts down your time spent cleaning since it works independently. It's not the quietest vacuum, but it's comparable to other standard vacuums.

The scheduled cleanings were easy to change; you can control the cleaning time and mode (smart, following the wall, and spiral). The app will also notify you when the cleaning has begun, but it doesn't tell you when it needs to be emptied, so we did that once a week. Some hair got tangled in the rollers, but it was easy to get out with an included tool. This Black and Decker robot vacuum has decent object-avoidance technology — it got stuck once in the bathroom, but other than that, it maneuvered around and under furniture with ease. Overall, we think this robot vacuum is a great value, given the qualities and price.

Price at time of publish: $129.99

Works on: Hard floors and carpet | Special features: HEPA filtration, smart charging, multiple cleaning modes, stairs sensors | Object avoidance tech: Yes | Mopping capabilities: No | Good for: Dirt, pet hair, sand, crumbs, and more

Best Mop Combo: ECOVACS T9+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo


  • Self-emptying with two months of storage space in the debris bin
  • Works well on tile, wood, and multiple types of surfaces
  • Setup took around six minutes after removing the packaging (including pairing with the app)
  • Mop feature has disposable pads for easy and hygienic use
  • Solid object avoidance, even around animals


  • Air freshener component wasn't installed, so we had to do that

This hybrid mop-vacuum combo proved an easy ally during setup, coming together in just six minutes (the manual is quite helpful, though). We did have to add the air freshener component ourselves (it was supposed to be installed already). As part of the initial clean, the Ecovacs vacuum creates a diagram of your living space while it does the first clean — this took about two hours.

While in motion, it picked up a ton of dog hair as well as scraps from a recent renovation. You can schedule the robot vacuum to map out your home and clean specific areas on a varied or consistent schedule, depending on your needs; whether once a week, during the work week or on weekends.

We tried the mopping feature a few times, and the disposable pads were a nice touch. The TrueDetect 3D technology was our favorite part of this robot vacuum. It can avoid tables, walls, etc. by sensing the areas ahead of it. Our old vacuum used to bump into our dog (much to his chagrin) and this one doesn't. If he's lying in the hallway, the vacuum redirects around him.

It cleans twice a day and empties itself after each clean (unless it sucks up a big item that blocks the self-emptying feature). It's also super quiet; we can use it during the day while we work without it being a nuisance.

Price at time of publish: $399.99 (orig. $599.99)

Works on: Hard floors and tile | Special features: Floor mapping sensors, auto-emptying station | Object avoidance tech: Yes | Mopping capabilities: Yes | Good for: crumbs, sticky messes, and other debris

Best for Hard Floors: Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C Max

Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C Max


  • Increases suction strength when larger messes are detected
  • Voice control maneuvers vacuum
  • Avoids furniture through smart navigation


  • Had difficulty moving from floor to rug
  • Was missing its remote

If you've ever dreamt of a vacuum that can clean your hardwood floors, tile and more with the sound of your voice (this model's Alexa-approved), then you're in luck. The BoostIQ RoboVac 30C Max from Eufy is a powerhouse in a small frame (just over a foot in diameter) that automatically senses shifts in the floor by increasing suction strength when larger messes are detected.

This works fabulously on hard flooring, as the vacuum can sense where crumbs may be collecting in the grout in tile floors or pick up any debris lodged under bits of natural wood. We used this vacuum in a myriad of situations, evaluating its suction against scattered cereal, sand, hair and more. We were amazed at how quick and effective this vacuum was in all scenarios and how easily it navigated obstacles like furniture.

Though we did notice that this model had a tough time moving from the rug to the floor (floor-change induced suction, and all), we still felt that this robot vacuum cleaned our fibrous rug just as well as the floor. Despite this model not including its remote when the package was opened (not great, but not a direct hindrance to its cleaning power), we still had glowing reviews for this Eufy vacuum.

Price at time of publish: $259.99

Works on: Hard floors and carpets | Special features: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice-activated, remote control, BoostIQ suction | Object avoidance tech: Yes, boundary strips | Mopping capabilities: No | Good for: Crumbs and other debris

Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C MAX
People / Henry Wortock

Best for Carpet: iRobot Roomba J7

Robot Roomba J7
Bed Bath and Beyond


  • Voice-activated controls for a user-friendly experience; solely powered by an app rather than a remote
  • Easily moves from floor to carpet; unique among robot vacuums, which are often too low to the ground to do this gracefully
  • Has object-avoidance technology


  • On the higher end price-wise
  • Has some difficulty finding new rooms and spaces
  • Features are less accessible if you don't use the app

Sleek in design and accompanied by a complimentary iPhone app, the iRobot Roomba J7 vacuum is a model that vacuums and cleans carpet with ease (a feat that we've found to be quite rare with most of these vacuums).

The standout quality of the Roomba was the care it took in fully cleaning the carpet — going over spots multiple times to truly clean while also going against the perimeter of the room and traveling in a grid-like system so as not to miss any spots. We also appreciated how easy it was for this model to work on hard floors as well, and we loved how effortlessly this vacuum could pick up everything from dust to food and pet hair.

It can be hard to access all of the features that the Roomba provides without downloading the app (which everyone may not want to do), so that's something to keep in mind. One of the main features of this model is its object-avoidance technology, and we witnessed a few messes that would have been avoided if we had used the app.

We also suggest setting this vacuum in the room that you want it to clean, as it has some difficulty sensing new rooms and spaces. But once you have your room set, you're free to let it roam and can trust that you'll have a sparkling clean room afterwards.

Price at time of publish: $499.99 (orig $599.99)

Works on: Hard floors and carpets | Special features: iRoomba Genius app voice-activated, three-stage cleaning system, power-lifting suction | Object avoidance tech: Yes | Mopping capabilities: No | Good for: Dirt, pet hair and other debris

Best Robot Vacuums of 2022, Tested and Reviewed
People / Henry Wortock

Best Self-Emptying: ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS

Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus


  • Empties all debris by itself at the docking station after the cartridge is full
  • Resiliently went over the same spot several times to get all the dirt up
  • Has object-avoidance technology to help navigate around various furniture


  • Price is steeper than most others on the list
  • Has to self-empty once or more during each cleaning

It's not fun to empty the dustbin after each use, which makes the self-emptying Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus a huge help around the house, thanks to its low-maintenance design. When the cartridge is full, the vacuum automatically returns to its docking station to eject the debris into a hypoallergenic dust bag that automatically closes to prevent dust or other particles from getting into the air.

We appreciated the inclusion of a mop on the inside of the machine, which cleans stains on the floor as it sweeps up dirt and dust. It was also noted that the vacuum comes with small air filter pods that can release clean fragrances into the air as it cleans.

This model effectively vacuumed almost everything it was tested against, be it cereal, sand or hair. It's also super resilient, approaching bumps on the floor by trying to go over them twice and then attempting to move over them from an angle, braving whatever obstacle was in its way.

Though the price for this model is a bit high, we did think the quality was worth the splurge thanks to its great results and self-emptying capabilities. For the ease and effective clean that comes with this robot vacuum, we can understand why this model is well worth the price.

How it's held up: We run this Ecovacs vacuum weekly with the mop function, and it has held up well over six months (and we've basically stopped using our upright vacuum and swiffer ever since). We did notice it empties once a cleaning (and we live in a small apartment), so it might require several empties if it were cleaning a larger house. We also observed that it has a hard time with rugs but were pleasantly surprised after several months, because once it learned the mapping of our apartment, it worked much better than when we first got it. The Ecovacs picks everything up and leaves our space quite clean every time.

Price at time of publish: $649.99

Works on: Hard floors and carpets | Special features: Oscillating sonic mopping system, self-emptying, hypoallergenic dust bag, front-facing camera | Object avoidance tech: Yes | Mopping capabilities: Yes | Good for: Dirt, pet hair, and other debris

Best Robot Vacuums of 2022, Tested and Reviewed
People / Henry Wortock

Best Quiet: Narwal Freo Versatile Self Mop Clean Robot with DirtSense

Narwal Freo Versatile Self Mop Clean


  • Functional on tile, hardwood floors, and carpets
  • Dirtsense detection finds specific areas of debris
  • Will self-clean and can also be scheduled to clean via an app
  • Super quiet; we could watch TV at a normal volume while running the vacuum


  • App is slightly confusing to set up
  • Doesn't self-empty

If we were to write a resume for this robot vacuum it would read: meticulous worker, adaptable to new environments, quiet presence, and handles its own messes. Though the accompanying app challenged us a bit, it was user-friendly once we were in. (Pro tip: the app has to be open during the setup duration.)

This little robot works on tile, hardwood, and carpets, making it versatile for many types of homes. It seemed to get everything on the floors such as dust, pet hair, and other debris. They scheduled the robot to run several times a week — which helped them prolong how often they had to deep clean their home — and noticed an immediate difference in cleanliness.

The machine mops and vacuums simultaneously, determining which surfaces need each type of cleaning. And during Freo mode (the Dirtsense feature) the robot cleans a spot until there's no dirt left rather than just one or two passes and then moving on. The app shows the progression of each cleaning session and highlights areas in different colors to show where the robot vacuumed versus mopped. It also has a self-drying feature so it won't leave your floors wet.

Overall, we were amazed by the capabilities of this robot vacuum, especially how quiet it is. This is one of the quietest robot vacuums we have ever been around — we were in the same room watching TV while the vacuum was running and could still watch at a normal volume level.

Price at time of publish: $1,299

Works on: Hardwoods, tile, carpets | Special features: Dirt detection, self-cleaning, scheduling, smart navigation, app | Object avoidance tech: Yes | Mopping capabilities: Yes | Good for: Dirt, debris, and pet hair

Best Navigation: Shark® 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop Robot with Matrix Clean Navigation™ RV2610WA

Shark 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop Robot, Leaves No Spots Missed


  • Can schedule the vacuum to clean specific rooms while you're away
  • Quiet device with good object detection; it didn't run into any furniture during tests
  • Mop combo that also self-empties
  • Works on carpets, hardwood, and tile floors
  • Spot-cleaning feature removed dirt and mud


  • Challenging setup, though we figured it out eventually

If you're in a home with multiple dogs or cats, you're no stranger to seeing dirt on the floors. PEOPLE was relieved to try out this Shark robot vacuum, and gave it a perfect score for effectiveness. Though tricky to set up, we created a schedule for the vacuum to do its thing while we went to work, and we always came home to clean floors.

We used the robot vacuum on tile floors, but it also works well on carpet and hardwood flooring. We particularly loved the spot-cleaning feature as it picked up all the dirt and mud the dogs dragged in from the backyard in our tests. The mop works in tandem with the vacuum to clean the floors after debris is removed and uses minimal water so floors dry fast.

It's also a quiet device with solid object detection. During our tests, the vacuum didn't run into anything, highlighting its maneuverability around chairs and tables. The vacuum also self-empties, and the mop pads are reusable and washable which is an added (and sustainable) bonus.

Price at time of publish: $449.40

Works on: Tile, hardwoods, carpet | Special features: Spot cleaning, scheduling, app, self-emptying | Object avoidance tech: Yes | Mopping capabilities: Yes | Good for: Dirt, grass, pet hair, and other debris

Best App: Miele Scout RX3 Robot Vacuum

Miele Scout RX3


  • Comprehensive app where you can change cleaning modes, set schedules, and see the vacuum's navigation
  • Picked up all hair, dust, and debris during testing
  • User-friendly setup
  • Works on all floor types and navigates furniture with ease


  • Hard time navigating rugs

Our teammate had never used a robot vacuum until they tried the Miele, and they absolutely loved the experience. The vacuum works on all floor types, and can maneuver around your home with ease. We were pleasantly surprised with the simple setup, and appreciated how intuitive the app was for a first-time user.

In the app, you can change the cleaning modes, set schedules, see a map of your floor area that the vacuum covers, and send it back to the charging station with a simple tap on your phone screen. To schedule, you can set the day and time you want the vacuum to clean, which was a dream for us during at-home testing.

The Miele vacuum picked up hair, dust, and debris with ease — in fact, there wasn't anything it didn't pick up in our tests. The machine skirted around the low furniture and navigated the space well. We cheered out loud when it went under the couch, because it's hard to move and is often overlooked on cleaning day. The vacuum struggled a little with rugs, but overall, we were impressed.

Price at time of publish: $899

Works on: Hardwood floors, carpets, tile | Special features: Comprehensive app, scheduling | Object avoidance tech: Yes | Mopping capabilities: No | Good for: Dirt, hair, and debris

Things to Consider Before Buying Robot Vacuums


Since one of the perks of robot vacuums is their ability to be left unsupervised, you'll want to make sure you choose a model with plenty of maneuverability. Home mapping technology can help because it lets the vacuum know where there are stairs and other hazards, as well as detecting where furniture is. You'll also want to consider whether the vacuum can easily maneuver between rugs, carpets, and hard floors.

Object-Avoidance Technology

One benefit of certain robot vacuums is object-avoidance technology. These vacuums are equipped with sensors (sometimes cameras) to help avoid things like kids' toys, socks, and pet messes that you don't want spread around your house. Models like the Shark® 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop Robot are specifically designed to maneuver their way around items on the floor, like cords or toys, thanks to their object-avoidance technology.

Special Features

Robot vacuums can be pricey, so you want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. Some special features to look for include home mapping, self-parking in the dock, and self-emptying — which the Black & Decker ROBOSeries (BDRV1) has. Other features include voice control and app integration where you can control the vacuum from your smartphone or other smart device.


As stated before, another aspect to consider is the price of your robot vacuum. Often times these small but mighty machines will range anywhere from $300 to $900, with the extremes on this list starting at just under $120, like the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, and stretching to the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, which retails at $1,599.99. While higher prices typically indicate higher quality and more special features, there's plenty of bang for your buck in the vacuums closer to $100 as well.

Best Robot Vacuums of 2022, Tested and Reviewed
People / Henry Wortock

How We Tested Robot Vacuums

Over a span of two days, our team ran a series of tests evaluating 30 robot vacuums for ease of setup, effectiveness, noise level, features, maneuverability, ease of emptying, and overall value. During the lab test, we read the instructions, timed how long each vacuum took to set up and got to work testing the capabilities of each model. In a small contained area, we set the robot vacuums free to munch on various debris (cheerios! fur! sand!) and considered the effectiveness of each.

For hybrid models with mopping capabilities, we also tested these components by pouring coffee and sticky syrup on the floor to see how well the mop functions lifted these substances. We ran each vacuum/mop hybrid for two minutes and looked at how many times the device went over the mess and whether or not there was leftover residue.

We evaluated special features (like smart mapping and object avoidance) when applicable and took note of how well the vacuums maneuvered around the space. Lastly, we emptied each vacuum to see how messy or simple that process was. We had a couple of hiccups during lab testing with WiFi and noise, so some variables were tested for six months in our homes, and we added those insights in as well.


Should I buy a robot vacuum or a regular vacuum?

The choice ultimately depends on the type of flooring that you have, the number of obstacles in your home, and how you prefer to clean. Robot vacuums are great for maintaining dust-free floors, especially in homes with hard flooring or low-pile carpets and in rooms with minimal clutter. Unlike regular vacuums, robot vacuums are also great for maneuvering under low tables and sofas. Because they are not as powerful as regular upright vacuums, robot vacuums are not as effective for deep cleaning and extra thick carpets.

What's the best robot vacuum?

Our top pick is the iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum because of its effectiveness at picking up debris during our tests, its versatility (as it can be used across different surfaces), and its relatively affordable price point compared to similar models of its capabilities.

Can robot vacuums go over carpeting?

While robot vacuums can go over carpeting, the deeper the carpet, the more suction power is required for the robot vacuum to clean effectively. A robot vacuum will spend more time going over carpeting than other types of flooring. If your flooring is primarily carpeted, look for a robot vacuum that is specifically intended for use on carpeted floors, as some we tested proved more effective on hardwood floors versus carpet. Our top pick for use on carpeted floors is the iRobot Roomba J7.

Do robot vacuums empty themselves?

Some robot vacuums include a self-emptying feature and models that include this convenience tend to be more expensive. When a self-emptying robot vacuum returns to its home base after cleaning, it will automatically empty its dustbin. Base dust containers can hold about 30 to 60 days of dust and debris before they need to be emptied. The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus was our favorite vacuum with a self-emptying feature.

Will a robot vacuum fall down the stairs?

Ledge detection sensors on robot vacuums prevent them from falling down stairs. It's all part of the navigation system and numerous sensors built into robot vacuums that allow them to avoid furniture and other obstacles.

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