Travel + Leisure names their top spots, from surprising American cities to far-flung islands

By Mackenzie Schmidt
Updated December 28, 2016 09:28 AM
Courtesy of Hamilton Princess

Travel + Leisure recently released its list of the Best Places to Travel in 2017, and the honorees might surprise you.

Mixed in among the stunning tropical islands (Bermuda, Hawaii, a Cambodian archipelago) and expected European capitals (Oslo, Helsinki, Belfast) are several more accessible American cities. Philadelphia, for example, is “worth revisiting” since that middle school trip to the Liberty Bell.

“Philly is coming off a high-profile couple of years, between hosting Pope Francis and the DNC and being the first U.S. city inducted into the Organization of World Heritage Cities,” the list notes. It’s also got a growing population of young people, new hotels and museums, high-brow bars and even a new mayor.

Cincinnati; Nashville; Tofino, British Columbia; and Norfolk, Virginia also make the cut, representing North America. “More than a quarter of these places are within reach for a long-weekend trip from the United States,” T+L points out.

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Among the more far-flung, bucket list–worthy places, Hampi, India, where a new luxury hotel is making the 14th-century ruins far easier to visit, is an unexpected lure. In Europe, Jura, France — the wine-rich country’s smallest producing region — looks straight out of a storybook. “Concealed by Alpine peaks and rolling, wooded hills, Jura . . . has long been shielded from the swarms,” the list notes.

Nearly all of the spots listed will no doubt soon be much hotter. Best to get your Pinterest boards primed and your airfare booked ASAP!