The Bachelor couple show off their home's redecorated living room, kitchen, bedroom and 'man cave'


Ben Higgins’ home is a bachelor pad no more!

The former Bachelor’s fiancé, Lauren Bushnell, has moved into the Colorado house that was once Higgins’ domain, and turned it into a cozy nest that’s perfect for two.

“You’re going to find us most evenings from seven to eleven, right here,” Higgins, 28, tells PEOPLE of the cozy white couch in the couple’s Denver digs.

While Higgins says that Bushnell’s favorite parts of the home are items with “hidden words that represent us” —a matchbox that says “Love” in the living room, a decorative ‘H’ for Higgins in the kitchen — his feature of choice is the bar cart that sits in the corner of their dining area.

“This is his space, just this little corner,” Bushnell, 26, jokes.

The petite kitchen, which Bushnell says “is totally perfect for right now,” boasts a simple gray scheme, while the bedroom takes a slightly more colorful approach with soft pinks and golds.

“We have a lot of fun in here,” Higgins says with a laugh.

The couple, whose new series, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?, premieres on October 11 on Freeform, next head down into Higgins’ “man cave.” He says of the unfinished space, “What it lacks in height, it makes up for in homeyness.”

Bushnell adds, “Are you being serious?”

“There’s a futon for when I want to take a nap,” Higgins says. “I have everything you need and more. I have electricity. I have exposed brick, which Lauren tells me is artsy.”

After a quick exchange about some discovered Mardi Gras beads and a reference to his apparent “wild” days, the couple sign off from the basement hangout. “Over and out,” he says.