"This house was one heck of a job, but we did it!" the former Bachelorette wrote on Instagram

Joanna Gaines isn’t the only “JoJo” on the home renovation circuit anymore!

Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher and her fiancé Jordan Rodgers have been hard at work flipping a house together. Fletcher recently revealed a photo and video montage of the couple’s hard work, and prove they pack a serious design punch.

Credit: JoJo Fletcher/Instagram

“This house was one heck of a job, but we did it!” Fletcher captioned the post. “Now on to the next.”

The “Before” shots show the space was definitely in need of an upgrade. Outdated countertops, stucco walls and dreary furnishings plagued the charming one-story abode — and Fletcher and Rodgers didn’t waste any time trashing the place.

Although Rodgers appears to have handled the dirtier jobs, like removing toilets, Fletcher got her hands dirty kicking down walls, removing kitchen cabinets, and stripping the walls.

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The demo duo’s efforts paid off in spades (and resale value). The “After” photos show a sleek, stylish pad that will no doubt be a hit with shoppers.

Bathrooms sporting marble, subway tile and a crisp white color scheme prove the couple knows how to appeal to the modern buyer. But it’s the kitchen that’s the real star of the show, boasting stainless-steel appliances, white cabinetry and a butcher-block-topped island.

With her Instagram suggesting there’s only more to come, we can’t help but hold out hope these two will have the next house flipping hit series.