Watch 'Bachelorette' Couple JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Finally Unveil Their Dallas 'Palace'

The couple initially purchased this home as a fixer upper to flip, but were charmed by its outdoor space so they decided to move in

Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher are finally ready to show off their Dallas home.

During a new episode of Engaged with JoJo and Jordan on the KIN Network, the Bachelorette couple show off the renovations in the home they’ve been working on for over a year, and Rodgers takes the opportunity to channel his inner MTV star.

“Yo yo yo, welcome to the crib,” he says, opening his front door. “It’s a 1900-square-foot palace. We’re gonna take you through it.”

Fletcher explains that he and Fletcher, who met on season 12 of the reality series, first bought the house as a flip project and never intended to move in, but they were drawn to the space because it had so much potential, and eventually decided to fix it up for themselves

Together, the pair made design decision such as blowing out a wall in their kitchen to give the space a more open-concept vibe, raising the ceilings, and expanding the footprint of the home for more space.

For Rodgers, the star pieces are a mounted flat screen TV that looks as though it’s built into the wall, and the one-of-a-kind tree trunk table they brought over from their former home together.

“Yo, we got a tree in our house,” he says in the video while kneeling down and throwing up a peace sign.

In the kitchen and pantry, Fletcher and Rodgers show off their organization skills, as Rodgers opens the smart fridge to unveil a drink drawer that he organized.

“I’m like that old guy that’s really happy about how the electronics fit on the wall, how the drinks are organized,” he says.

Fletcher also says that labeling is “the coolest thing” she’s ever done, while showing off how they separate their food into bins in the built-in pantry.

While functionality is key in their kitchen, they also made some design decisions based purely on aesthetics, such as the Quartz countertops, re-using some of their leftover hardwood flooring to create a wood accent above their stove, and a dark gray range with gold touches that Fletcher says was a “splurge piece.”

“I really struggled with designing this house after we decided we were going to move into it,” Fletcher admits. “Jordan ended up being my construction therapist on basically every decision we’ve ever made.”

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While most of the decisions were made together, they both admit there were some things they had to convince each other of, such as the black and white patterned wallpaper in their bedroom, which Rodgers was not on board with.

“When you think of wallpaper, you think of like, your grandma’s house,” he says. “I get it, this is a cool thing now, but when someone says wallpaper you’re like, oh, yellow with the purple flowers.”

Now, he’s beyond excited about his space, and they both love how the patterned wall anchors the room.

Fletcher also eventually won Rodgers over with her habit of making the bed every morning — something he now does on his own.

“It’s a game changer,” Rodgers says. “You feel so much more calm.”

While they still have small accents to add into the space, such as artwork on the walls, more faux greenery (They say they can’t keep a real plant alive because they killed a cactus!), and furnishing the backyard with a hammock and a table, the pair are so excited to finally have their labor of love nearly completed.

In true Cribs fashion, the pair end their episode by riding off on a motorcycle.

“That was our Crib,” Rodgers says. “See y’all later.”

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