Steph Curry Is Going for the GOAT Bathroom Experience: 'He Placed Squatty Pottys All Over the House'

According to Ayesha Curry, when the wife's away, the husband will make all the bathrooms more ergonomic

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Some husbands might use their wife’s one night out of town to have the guys over, or kick back in front of the TV. Not Steph Curry.

The Golden State Warriors point guard, 29, used his dad’s night in to make the bathrooms in his California home a little more ergonomically correct.

“Went to Napa for one single night, came home and @StephenCurry30 has placed squatty pottys all over the house,” his wife, celebrity chef Ayesha Curry, 28, shared in a tweet on Monday.

Steph’s bathroom accessory of choice is essentially a foot stool meant to make time spent on the toilet a little more enjoyable. In the brand’s own words, it will “make your bad poops good, and your good poops great” by helping the user to sit in a manner that will “unkink” his or her colon.

The NBA star isn’t the only celebrity to endorse (in his case, unofficially) the invention. Howard Stern spoke out about his love for Squatty Potty on his radio show back in 2016, and Kathy Griffin was the brand’s spokesperson until they broke ties following the release of her graphic, anti-Trump photographs.

Ayesha, who’s tweet was accompanied by the “see no evil” monkey and weary face emojis, didn’t go into detail about which of Squatty Potty’s many products her husband indulged in — it offers models that range in price from $24.99 to $99.99.

The company first gained public attention when the Utah-based founders, mother and son Judy and Bobby Edwards, appeared on Shark Tank in 2014. They struck a deal with entrepreneur and QVC queen Lori Greiner, who gave them $350,000 for a 10% stake in the company, and sold $1 million in product in the 24 hours following their appearance. In 2016, they took in a reported $30 million in revenue.

Perhaps Steph should consider dropping that Under Armour campaign in favor of an “I pooped today” tee.

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