The Property Brothers star has teased he might also sport the traditional Scottish garb at his wedding

By Drew Scott
November 13, 2017 05:58 PM

Drew Scott is trading suits for dancing shoes! The Property Brothers host joined season 25 of Dancing with the Stars alongside #TeamHotProperty partner Emma Slater and is sharing his journey exclusively with PEOPLE. Check back each week for photos, videos and more, straight from the HGTV vet. Here, his top moments from week 9:

How are we at Week 9 already?!

I’ve been a little sentimental this week, knowing that there are only a couple weeks left of having Emma travel with me everywhere I go and learning so much from one of the greatest!

Courtesy Drew Scott

Every week has been epic in its own unique way and this one is no exception. I’ll be changing from a traditional kilt to a jazzy tux for our own re-creation of Corbin and Karina’s dance to Usher’s “Yeah!”

1. Star Power

Courtesy Drew Scott

We are ready for tonight! It’s so fun to use Corbin’s dance as a huge inspiration for our performance. The song is just perfect and describes my excitement!

2. Girl Power

Courtesy Drew Scott

Wait until you see us in full costume — you’ll want to get your jazz hands ready. How cool is it that I get to dance with such strong women? Thanks for making me look good, ladies! I have lots to learn from you yet.

3. Jazz Hands

Courtesy Drew Scott

Emma has drilled the essence of jazz into me. Here, we are trying to channel our Fosse. This has definitely been one of the more challenging dances for me and I’m trying hard to remember all the details!

4. Traveling Pair

Courtesy Drew Scott

This song is one that Emma chose to dedicate to me. We have danced more than 500 miles together and I would do it all over again. AND I get to wear a kilt!! Woohoo!! The big question is: am I wearing it the TRADITIONAL way?!

5. Battle Scars

Courtesy Drew Scott

One more week to go after tonight… and I’m sure several more scrapes and bruises left to be had. I can name every single one of these battle wounds and they’re all worth it!

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.