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The Portable Air Conditioner That 'Cools Down the Temperature' of a Room in a Snap Is on Sale at Amazon

You can add ice to make the air even cooler
By Amy Schulman
July 08, 2021 06:00 AM
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There comes a time every summer when the heat is so thick that a typical fan just won't cut it. And while you could blast the air conditioner all day to turn the living room into a bonafide ice box, it will cost you down the road. Rather than spike the electricity bill, you could nab a portable air conditioner, which couples the power of air conditioning with the flexibility of a fan. 

Amazon shoppers recommend the Auzkin Portable Air Conditioner, which is 28 percent off on Amazon right now. The small machine stands less than a foot tall and has three cooling settings and a misting option, which is controlled with the flick of a switch. All you have to do is add a bit of water or ice (you'll know to add more when the tank light changes from blue to red), connect it to a power source with a USB cable, and you're good to go. It also includes a strap, so you can carry it from room to room and to any steamy outdoor activities (it weighs just under 2.5 pounds).

The evaporative cooler doubles as an air purification device with its multi-layer filters, and it can even diffuse essential oils. Plus, it has an auto-shut off feature, so if the machine accidentally tips over, it will automatically turn off.  

Buy It! Auzkin Portable Air Conditioner, $36.80 with coupon (originally $49.99); amazon.com

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers rave about the "small but mighty" portable air conditioner, citing that it's a "life saver" in the summer and can "cool down the temperature a lot." One reviewer notes that "the mist effect is amazing and cools me off quickly!" 

"Although this is made for a small space, for a small apartment room it has helped bring the overall temperature down by a few degrees," one five-star reviewer says. "It is perfect for the uses it describes but has more potential than I expected. If you have a portable power box with a USB outlet you could take it pretty much anywhere." 

"I live in San Francisco and most of the time it's pretty mild and cool," another shopper shares. "However, the last couple of years have been quite hot during the summer. To prepare for the heat wave, I decided to try this portable air conditioner. This little portable AC is super easy to set up. All you do is pour water into the container and the fan blows out cool air with optional mist. I thought this is an awesome idea because the traditional AC actually makes the air really dry. And a cherry on top is that it also acts as a night light."

Stay cool wherever you go this summer by picking up the Auzkin Portable Air Conditioner for just $36.80 on Amazon.