Ant Anstead Surprises Wife Christina with Vacation to Ireland for Horseback Riding and Archery

When they get the airport, Ant changes up their travel destination, in an exclusive clip from Christina on the Coast

When Christina Anstead and her new husband Ant were still dating, the pair had planned their first overseas vacation together to London. But Christina was in for a surprise when they got to the airport.

In a new episode of Christina on the Coast, which airs Thursday night, Ant surprises his then-girlfriend with a trip to Ireland.

“This is me and Ant’s first big trip together,” Christina says in the clip, which premiered exclusively with PEOPLE (above). “I’m just thinking that we’re going to London, but then he surprises me and tells me we are headed to Ireland to a castle.”

While at the airport, Ant teases Christina about the size of her bag, which is tagged with an orange label that says “heavy” and reads “30,” likely 30 kg or 66 lbs.

“How heavy is your bag?” Ant asks.

christina ant

“Heavy,” Christina responds with a laugh.

Once they arrive in Ireland, the pair, who tied the knot in a surprise wedding ceremony at their home in December and are now expecting their first child together, go horseback riding, enjoy high tea and take archery lessons.

“If you hit the yellow [bullseye], I’ll do a dare,” Ant tells Christina as she’s aiming her bow and arrow.

“Ok, jump in the lake,” Christina says before shooting the arrow, which lands just inside the target.

“I knew I was going to hit that target,” she says. “Aimed it and bullseye. In the lake you go.”

Ant then proceeds to do a cannonball off the dock and into the chilly Irish lake.

“Ant is like a big kid and life feels so much more positive with him in it,” Christina says. “He really helps ground me.”

Tune into Christina on the Coast Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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