"Life has a funny way of letting things fall into place when you least expect it," Christina wrote of meeting Ant in a lengthy tribute of her own


Christina and Ant Anstead say their relationship came down to fate, as they celebrate two years together.

On Tuesday, the couple, who married in December 2018, celebrated the two-year anniversary of the first time they spoke with one another over the phone to schedule their first date.

In October 2017, Flip or Flop star Christina had just come back from a stay at We Care Spa, where she says, “I had checked myself in for 3 days of fasting my mind, body and spirit,” she wrote on Instagram in a lengthy, heartfelt tribute to Ant on Tuesday.

“On 10/27 the first night of my stay after Reiki and spiritual healing, a lot of emotions came up and I was feeling sad about a lot of things,” the Christina on the Coast designer, 36, recalled.

“I called my friend @claytonjennings1 and asked him to pray for me,” she continued. “He prayed I would find a man who treated me and my kids with love and respect, that I would no longer play small, I would step into the life I deserved and that from that day forward everything would begin to fall into place.”

Christina Anstead
Christina Anstead and Ant Anstead
| Credit: Christina Anstead/Instagram

The next morning, Christina woke up to a text from a friend who had just met Ant, and felt they would be perfect for one another.

“Seemed too good to be true, but the timing of the Clayton call seemed like Fate was dealing me a lucky hand,” the HGTV personality explained. “10/29 Ant called me and 11/2 we went on our first date. We have literally been inseparable ever since.”

“I told my dad at a hockey game a week after we met that we were going to get married. He said, “Well if you are saying it, then you probably are,'” she added. “Now 2 years later — married with a wonderful blended family, careers we both love and beautiful baby boy. Life has a funny way of letting things fall into place when you least expect it.”

A little over a year after meeting, the couple tied the knot in a surprise wedding ceremony at their Newport Beach, California, home on Dec. 22, 2018. They then welcomed their first child together, a son named Hudson London, on Sept. 6, 2019.

Wedding of Christina and Ant Anstead
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Christina Anstead
Credit: Christina Anstead/Instagram

The baby boy joined their blended family, which includes Christina’s son Brayden James, 4, and daughter Taylor Reese, 9, with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. Ant is also a father to son Archie, 13, and daughter Amelie, 16 this month, with his ex Louise.

Ant similarly posted a sweet tribute to his wife on Tuesday, sharing one of their first photos together where the couple are visibly enamored with one another at a dinner.

Ant Anstead
Ant and Christina Anstead
| Credit: Ant Anstead/Instagram

“TWO YEARS!!!!! ‘A soulmate is a stranger you recognize….’ I called you two years ago today! And straight away I knew I knew you!” he wrote.

“Two years ago I was lost! I was half! And you made me whole!” Ant added. “You completed me! You get me! I love you! And I love our imperfections! I continue to pinch myself every day.”

The husband and father then finished his post by referencing how they feel fate played a role in their love story, writing, “Thank you for choosing me! Not that we had a choice.”