Anna Camp's Newly Outfitted Palm Springs Backyard Helps Her Reconnect with Nature: 'It's Magical'

The Pitch Perfect actress partnered with Article to create the perfect outdoor space in her mid-century home

Anna Camp's Palm Springs backyard
Photo: Vivian Khanounsay for Article

Anna Camp is ditching the busy Los Angeles lifestyle to find peace out in Palm Springs.

The actress, 39, has created a desert oasis in the backyard space of her mid-century home. Camp teamed up with Article to outfit the area with pieces that reflect her personal style and desire to be surrounded by nature.

"There's a little bit of quirkiness to it, but there's also something very relaxing and modern, which is what I really wanted to create, especially at this house," Camp says in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

Having just moved to Palm Springs, the Pitch Perfect star said she was always drawn to Spanish-style houses until she saw the mid-century homes out in the desert. "I began to really fall in love with more modern pieces after moving here, and I was just inspired by all of the architecture and homes around where I live," she continued.

Anna Camp's Palm Springs backyard makeover Credit: Vivian Khanounsay for Article
Vivian Khanounsay for Article

Surrounded by agave plants and cactuses, Camp's backyard is the perfect blend of a nature-filled sanctuary with contemporary amenities. An in-ground fire pit allows for great outdoor entertaining, along with a generous amount of seating around the pool.

"I have a really lovely sized pool. Living in Palm Springs, you have to have a pool or you just cannot go outside. Right now, it's 106 degrees and I absolutely love to swim," the actress explains.

Camp's favorite Article piece is the light gray loungers next to the pool area. Her dogs, Hank and Mira, love to lay next to her while she unwinds on the comfy furniture. "I'm always looking for a really lovely lounge," she says.

"The lines are very clean and they can [adjust] to many different levels, whether you want to be reading or laying down flat, which I love," she adds. The bright orange pillows add a pop of color to the loungers, making them an inviting place for her and her friends to kick back.

Anna Camp's Palm Springs backyard makeover
Vivian Khanounsay for Article

Hosting in her newly outfitted backyard is one of Camp's favorite activities. Sipping on a glass of wine, listening to music and cooking with her friends are among the many pastimes she can enjoy in her outdoor space.

Another reason why her Palm Springs home is perfect for hosting is because of the stunning views of the night sky.

"This neighborhood doesn't have street lights, so you can really see the stars more out here in the desert. It's just lovely to be outside at night time. It has a very special, magical quality about it, which is another reason why I wanted to move here," she tells PEOPLE.

Anna Camp's Palm Springs backyard makeover
Vivian Khanounsay for Article

Needing to connect with nature is one of the main reasons why Camp was looking for an escape from Los Angeles.

"I love L.A., but there are times where you need to go into nature and go into peace and quiet. So that's something that I've really found to be happening for me recently. And I'm just going with it and opening my heart to receiving the peace that I am so longing for these days," the actress reflects.

"I'm about to be 40 in September," she adds. "I think the past two years have been very trying for a lot of people, including me. Finding some inner calm amidst the chaos that we are living in right now is something that's very important to me."

Now she can find that inner peace and quiet in her very own backyard. An outdoor tub allows for relaxation under the stars, and a meditation space featuring Article's cozy rugs make it a serene place to practice mindfulness.

"Everything just looks so beautiful and I'm just so grateful to have partnered with Article. It's an amazing company with beautiful furniture and they really elevated my already beautiful home," she adds.

Anna Camp's Palm Springs backyard makeover
Vivian Khanounsay for Article

When she's not relaxing in her backyard, Camp is busy filming on set. Her most recent film, Murder at Yellowstone City, is a Western drama now streaming on Apple TV. Fans can also look forward to a holiday film coming soon called 5,000 Blankets.

In regards to whether or not fans of the Pitch Perfect trilogy can get excited for a potential fourth addition to the franchise, Camp said "there were talks and then there weren't talks."

However, she did reveal that, "they're putting the original Pitch Perfect back in theaters for a limited time this September. So I know we're all very excited and we're going to be celebrating that."

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