“I want to live under the lights of a disco ball. Sue me!"

By Megan Stein
September 06, 2017 12:05 PM


Special edition champagne, a “magic” vintage phone and a pair of glass elephants — these are a few of Andy Cohen’s favorite things.

The Watch What Happens Live host took Elle Décor on a tour of his swanky New York City duplex, and pointed out a few of his most sentimental standouts along the way. One of the first features he mentions?

“This is my gold disco ball,” he says of the glitzy light fixture. “I want to live under the lights of a disco ball. Sue me!”

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But it’s not all sequins and dance songs (though Madonna does make an appearance in one his favorite photos on display). Cohen has plenty of personal pieces, too.

“This is a sealed glass box of letters tied with a bow that I wrote to my friend when I was studying abroad for a year,” he explains. “It was the summer I came out of the closet so a lot happened in my life. I guess I could shatter this glass to read them, but there’s something really chic and cool about the fact that these are my intimate thoughts and memories and I can’t get to them.”

Douglas Friedman

Another nod to Cohen’s past sits in plain sight: What appears to be a toy truck actually pays homage to his family’s food company based in his Missouri hometown.

“When I was growing up these trucks were all over St. Louis and it was a great matter of pride to me,” he says. “I grew up working there, I drove a fork lift, I made deliveries, I worked on the assembly line I did everything you could do. It was a great time of my life and certainly it was the bond that kept my family together.”

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A Polaroid of Diana Ross taken by Andy Warhol is another prized possession for the Bravo star, but what makes Cohen’s house a home also happens to be number one on his list.

“I’m trying to remember what my last item is,” he jokes as his dog, Wacha, jumps up onto his owner. “Oh, here he is!”

For the full list, watch the video above.