The passenger can be seen strolling through the terminal in the nude in a video taken by fellow passengers


One American tourist seems to have gotten his vacation planning tips from The Hangover 2.

Twenty-seven-year-old Steve Cho reportedly removed his clothes and began running naked through the departures hall of a Thai airport, according to the New York Post.

Cho can be seen strolling through the terminal in the nude followed by security personnel in a video captured by fellow travelers. He also caused damage to airport stores and threw his own feces at bystanders, the Post reports.

One passenger at the scene, 28-year-old Wannee Ming, told the outlet, “This was the scariest and most disgusting thing I ever saw at an airport. I stayed away from the man in case he attacked anybody.”

In the video, Cho can be seen being held on the ground and taken into custody by several members of airport security.

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After seemingly recovering from the episode, Cho told airport police that he had “taken too many sex drugs.”

The Phuket International Airport confirmed in a statement that “when he regained his composure, he admitted that he took too many Viagra pills and lost consciousness.”

The statement continued, “The officers brought him to the walkway on the north side of the terminal to avoid other passengers and managed to calm him down at the Tourist Center on the first floor.”

Cho agreed to pay for any damage he caused, but was not allowed to board his flight to Incheon, South Korea, and held for questioning by local police.

This is not the first feces-throwing incident of the week. Last Thursday, a United flight from Chicago to Hong Kong had to make an unplanned landing in Alaska because a passenger was “spreading feces everywhere.”