American Airlines is ending it's carry-on luggage ban starting Sept. 5.

By Robyn Merrett
July 27, 2018 12:27 AM

American Airlines is lifting its ban on carry-on luggage for Basic Economy customers beginning on Sept. 5.

Last year, American Airlines introduced Basic Economy tickets, which allows customers to pay for cheaper flights with less services. Fliers are also required to pay for their carry-on bags beyond one personal item, even if it can be stored underneath the seat in front of them.

The cost for checking a carry-on bag with American is currently $25.

However on Thursday, during the company’s earnings report, American’s President Robert Isom announced they were doing away with the rule.

Credit: Robert Alexander/Getty

“Basic Economy is working well in the markets where we offer it, and we continue to see more than 60 percent of customers buy up to Main Cabin when offered a choice,” said President Robert Isom. “Removing the bag restriction will make Basic Economy more competitive, allowing us to offer this low-fare product to more customers.”

Delta recently adopted a similar striped back economy fare in an attempt to compete with cut-price airlines Spirit and Allegiant but still allows its customers to carry-on bags for free.

However, their Basic Economy fliers ca not select their own seats and receive fewer frequent flier miles.