Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan with Remote
Credit: Amazon

This Standing Fan Cools Rooms in Minutes  — and It's Only $42 on Amazon

It has over 10,000 perfect ratings
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As the warmer months roll around, everyone starts unpacking their summer gear and pushing their space heaters into the back of the closet. And while it's certainly easy to switch on the air conditioner to combat the heat, it's also the quickest way to make the electricity bill skyrocket. 

Rather than turn on the cooling system throughout the whole house, consider planting a powerful, oscillating fan in some of the most used rooms. Start with the popular Amazon Basics Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan, built with three power settings and three breeze modes: nature, sleep, and normal. Simply adjust the height to your preferred angle, select one of three modes, and let the high-quality, whisper-quiet motor get to work.

The fan automatically oscillates widely enough to cool down medium to large rooms, and even comes with a small remote control that allows you to change modes from across the room. It can also be raised to nearly five feet high, providing plenty of air flow throughout any space.

Buy It! Amazon Basics Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan, $42.49;

When it gets hot, Amazon shoppers admit they're reliant on this fan. Over 10,000 reviewers have given it a five-star rating, and many describe it as a "powerful fan at a great price" that has "enough vigor to cool on the warmest days." Plus, several shoppers mention that "for about the cost of one full-size Vornado floor fan, you can buy almost four of these," explaining that they've tossed out more expensive options and replaced them with the Amazon Basics fan.

"For the price, you can't beat this!" one shopper says. "It is better than a lot of expensive fans I have purchased in the past. Easy to assemble, pretty quiet, and works very well. I love all of the different modes and speeds. I can see the nature mode being very nice during the hot summer months. Definitely recommend!"

"Easy assembly, quiet, great air flow," another reviewer writes. "Worth every penny. Living on the second floor of a 36-year-old townhouse, not much keeps the Florida heat from warming up the room. This fan cooled the room in a matter of 10 minutes by at least five degrees. Amazing! The dual set of blades really does make a difference."

Whether you need to cool down the living room or can't sleep without a fan at night, shop the Amazon Basics Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan for $42 on Amazon.