The actress turned her guest house into a DIYer's dream

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated August 22, 2016 12:38 PM
Jana Cruder

Alyson Hannigan is such an avid crafter that she converted her Los Angeles home’s guesthouse into a space for her and her kids to be creative.

“There will be a guest room eventually, but yeah, we sort of knew it was going to be a designated crafting area,” the star of the upcoming TV reboot of First Wives Club, 42, tells PEOPLE.

As soon as she moved into the home with her husband, Alexis Denisof, and their daughters Satyana, 7, and Keeva, 4, Hannigan went about converting the space to a crafter’s dream.

Jana Cruder
Jana Cruder
Jana Cruder

“That’s my office basically,” she says. “What I really love to do is craft, so that is the one space that I really wanted. When you see how much stuff I have, you’ll see why I needed a house for it!”

Hannigan’s craft house started as a fresh white space with plenty of storage. Open shelving as well as clear glass and acrylic storage containers of all sizes allow the colorful supplies to bring life to the room. An impressive collection of ribbon and paper washi tape makes for a cool display in old wooden cases. Less aesthetically pleasing necessities are housed in fabric bins.

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Jane Cruder
Jana Cruder

The star installation by far is a full wall of stacked wooden storage crates — the folded fabrics in each are organized by hue for a cool color blocking effect. But the feature most parents would likely place at the top of their wish list is the dedicated paint room.

“That’s something we didn’t have at the old house,” she says. “We’ve already utilized it. The day the paints got unpacked – and the room wasn’t even totally unpacked – the three of us were in our pajamas painting. I feel like that will definitely be the most utilized space!”