July 28, 2017 02:46 PM

When Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman isn’t dominating on the floor or balance beam, she’s focused on getting some quality shut-eye.

“My teammates all joke, they call me ‘grandma’ because I love my sleep so much,” the self-proclaimed professional sleeper and ambassador for mattress company Leesa, 23, tells PEOPLE.

Recently, the two-time Olympian’s precious sleep schedule has been impacted by her work on the tell-all memoir, Fierce, which captures some not-so-glamorous moments from her life. “People tune in once every four years to watch the gymnastics but they don’t get to see all the hard moments,” Raisman says.

The process does lead to some long nights, however, which Raisman admits sometimes has her nodding off at the keyboard. “I’m just really, really involved,” she says.

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When she’s not catching some ZZZs, Raisman tries to incorporate a nighttime routine that ends with a little reading. “My athletic trainer I grew up with before the Olympics always told me not to watch shows before bed, because when you watch things on TV it makes your eyes more awake,” she says. “But if you’re going to do that, at least watch something that’s happy.”

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For Raisman, that includes old standbys like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, or Gossip Girl. Although her Netflix queue makes her feel “a little bit more relaxed,” what really helps Raisman sleep soundly is knowing that her partnership with Leesa is helping out those in need. Through Leesa’s One-Ten program, for every ten mattresses sold, the company donates one to a homeless shelter, which contributes to Raisman’s mission to help guide the “younger generation.”

“I think that our world needs that, and I would love to help,” she says.

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