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There's a Tiny Home Shortage on Amazon — but This DIY Garden House Is Still in Stock

It’s bound to sell out soon
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Yes, you can get everything on Amazon — even a tiny house. The discovery of tiny homes on Amazon put shoppers in a frenzy in 2019; homes that were going viral were selling out just as fast. Now, there's actually a tiny home shortage on the site. 

DIY cabins and sheds have been disappearing on Amazon over the last year, most likely due to customers snagging them to use as offices and backyard getaways during the pandemic. If you're still looking for one, just a few are available — including one of the original tiny homes that went viral.

The Allwood Solvalla Garden House Kit made waves on the internet for how quickly and easily it could be put together. The product listing states it would take two adults just one to two days to get it set up. The 172-square-foot house has two connected spaces (86-square-feet each). One is a window-lined indoor space, the other is an open, covered patio area. The house is great for backyard lounging, and the brand says that shoppers who have purchased it have gotten creative and turned it into a wine tasting room, yoga studio, outdoor kitchen, painter's studio, cafe, and even an ice cream shop.

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Allwood Solvalla Garden House Kit, $8,495;

The kit comes with step-by-step instructions that feature drawings and all the hardware you need to build the home, except for roof shingles and foundation materials. (Electricity and other utilities aren't included.) Shipping is free, and you can expect the kit to reach your door in three to five weeks.

If you're considering purchasing Allwood's garden house, we'd recommend doing so sooner rather than later — the brand has a limited selection of tiny homes in stock. Larger DIY homes are also available in limited stock, like this 227-square-foot studio cabin and this 667-square-foot Starenergy guesthouse that can accommodate a full kitchen, bathroom, living room, and more.

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Buy It! Allwood Arlanda XL Garden House Kit, $11,190;

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Starenergy Tiny Home Kit, $25,999;

We have a feeling Amazon might just sell out of tiny homes by the time summer is in full swing, so grab your favorite DIY kit while it's still around.