Allison Williams Compares Marnie's Apartment on 'Girls' to Carrie's on 'Sex and the City' and the Results are Hilarious


Carrie Bradshaw didn’t know how good she had it.

Any Sex and the City fan remembers Carrie’s incredibly charming apartment that had plenty of room for her to lounge around, pondering romantic quandaries and searching for the perfect outfit in her enviable walk-in closet.

What most viewers don’t see is how outrageous the idea of a freelancer living in a spacious Upper East Side apartment, spending thousands a month on shoes really is. If you don’t believe us, just compare it to the apartment Marnie Michaels (Allison Williams) lives in on Girls.

Williams posted this Instagram of an image that accompanied an article in The New York Times comparing the two fictional floor plans. Seeing as Williams’ TV home is less than half the size and has a shower in the kitchen, it’s easy to see which city girl comes out on top.

“Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment vs. Marnie Michaels’ apartment. Holy s*%#!” the 28-year-old actress captions the post.

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The article also compares the living situations of classic 90s sitcom characters like Rachel and Monica on Friends to their modern counterparts like Abbi from Broad City. The former’s West Village pad is the stuff of every 20-something’s dreams, while Abbi’s gritty small-space dwelling is a bit more realistic.

Even if you can’t have Carrie’s walk-in closet or Monica’s perfect purple living room, there’s still a good chance you could live above a coffee shop.

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